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Agenda for the Visit

Date: Tuesday, May 8th, 2007. 10am-3pm.

Location: Hollenberg


  • John Aruny, MD, Chief of Interventional Radiology
  • Denise Fiore, Executive Director, Radiology and Lab Services
  • Marjorie Guglin, VP Surgical Services
  • Patrick Luddy, VP Facilities Planning and Management
  • Joseph Piepmeier, MD, Vice Chair, Neurosurgery, Nixdorff-German Professor
  • Doug Vaughn, MD, Director, Perioperative Services

Goal: A team of physicians and administrators from Yale will be visiting us. They are planning for a neuro OR/Interventional MR Facility in their new hospital which will open in 2009. The goal for the visit is to meet with us to get a greater understanding for site planning and logistics, and also learn about costs and future applications.

Slide Presentations: