Stanford Visit Spring 2007

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Planning teleconference:

1 (218) 936-1100 (This is a toll call)

Conference ID: 43093#

Time: Friday, March 2, 2007 at 12:30pm ET/9:30am PT

Notes from call:

Attendees: Kim, Larry, Bruno, Stefan, Ron, Sandy, Tina

  • line scan for prosate is a good idea for collaboration for Stanford
  • Stanford has Insightec system as of a month ago.
  • Stefan and Kim to continue discussion?

Tentative Participants for Visit:

  • Larry Panych
  • Bruno Madore
  • Sandy Wells
  • Ron Kikinis

Tentative Dates: March or April 2007 (Ron and Sandy will be at Stanford on Friday Apr 6 anyway, so we can do this as one visit or two separate ones between the imaging core and the cc)


  • To establish Stanford P41 to BWH IGT P41 collaboration between BWH and Stanford
  • To establish investigator to investigator collaboration


Tentative Agenda:

  • Parallel line scan Diffusion Imaging (BWH to Stanford)

  • DONE Tina to send email to Kim Butts + Gary Glover to follow up on Larry/FAJ request.
  • DONE Tina to Schedule phone call for Friday March 2 between Kim and us.