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July 19, 2011.

Brief Bio for Shyam Natrajan:

I am a graduate student at UCLA who is working on prostate imaging research, specifically MR-Ultrasound fusion. I am interested in visiting your lab, and contacted you at the suggestion of my advisors, Dr. Warren Grundfest, Dr. Leonard Marks, and Dr. Daniel Margolis. Our research group at UCLA is also interested in seeing if there are potential areas for collaboration. We have several projects related to prostate imaging, including 3D transurethral ultrasound, targeted biopsy with MR-US Fusion, and pre-surgical MR staging.

  • 10am: MR-Ultrasound Registration Algorithum: Tina Kapur, Sandy Wells, Firdaus Janoos, Andriy Fedorov
  • 11:30am Slicer: Noby Hata, Junichi Tokuda
  • 12:30pm: LUNCH with Tour of AMIGO (Tina, Sandy)
  • 2pm: Prostate Group 2-3PM Hollenberg Conference room
  • 3pm: Clare Tempany/Tina Kapur
  • 3-4pm: potential collaboration