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As of April 20, 2010, this page has been superceded by the meeting notes categorized by year. This page is kept here to support legacy links. Please visit the links below for the meeting notes of individual years:

Meetings by year:




Attendees: Clare, Fiona, Andrey, Jay, Sota, Noby, Junichi, Yi, Larry

  • Completed RSNA submissions: Fiona (2), Jay, Sota, Noby, Larry, Yi
  • Critique of the Fiona's ISMRM presentation slides; follow up meeting to follow before the submission deadline (Friday midnight)
  • Follow-up on the discussion of the needle artifact for the BRP tcon:
    • need to meet with Renchin to discuss the available solutions
    • follow up with Larry after ISMRM
    • also discussed the z-frame imaging artifacts; considered using fiducials for calibration, in addition to z-frame (the approach followed by Sentinel)


Attendees: Clare, Bob M., Fiona, Sota, Noby, Junichi, Haiying, Andrey, Jay, Larry, Balasz, Yi

Agenda: final discussions and critique of RSNA submissions. Tentative titles and planned submissions as available:

  1. 'Robust T1 mapping and high temporal resolution of prostate cancer at 3.0T doe not provide reliable pharmacokinetic analysis' (Fiona)
  2. 'Volume change is a better predictor of biochemical response to neoadjuvant therapy in high risk prostate cancer than spectroscopic or constrast-enhanced erMRI at 1.5T' (Fiona)
  3. 'Single-shot zoomed fast spin-echo imaging of the prostate' (Larry)
  4. Title TBD, theme: comparison of the 3D FSE Cube vs 2D T2FSE (Yi)
  5. Title TBD, theme: evaluation of the statistical model-based DCE MRI analysis (Jay)
  6. 'Using prostate MR imaging in preoperative planning and intra-operative image guidance for neurovascular bundle (NVB)-sparing robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP)' (Sota)


Attendees: Clare, Sota, Jay, Larry, Bob, George, Andriy, Haiying, Junichi

Agenda: discuss plans for RSNA abstracts

  1. Fiona: evlauation of prostate cancer response to combined neoadjuvant treatment based on tumor morphology, functional metrics and PSA. N=32, tumor volume assessed based on post-contrast T2.
  2. Fiona: comparison of model-based vs individualized AIF. Current literature uses model-based, while should be individualized. Discuss why this is the case.
  3. Steve Haker and Bob: T2 maps
  4. George and Yi Tang: comparison of 3D T2 FSE CUBE vs T2 FSE.
  5. George and Yi Tang (educational): evaluation of T1 mapping accuracy remedies to improve it using multiple FA techiques. Suggestion from Bob and Clare: rather than highlighting the problems, propose solutions how quantitative metrics can be derived from the images produced by the standard GE sequences.
  6. Sota and Dr.Hu (educational): using MRI to facilitate robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy
  7. Jay: validation of automatic statistical method of tumor segmentation with histological data. Comparison vs human rater: Dice 0.6, overlap >70%, sensitivity >90%.



Attendees: Clare, Larry, Ehud, Noby, Bob, Robert, Yi, Fiona, Junichi, Sota, Haying, Andrey

  • News from RSNA: Sota's talk a success, initial discussions with Sentinelle for image-guided biopsy system and registration tools.
  • DCE analysis: Parameters estimated using Sandeep's software do not make sense. Specifically, signal within the prostate exceeds signal from the artery (?), not possible. Discussed possible sources of error, and how to continue:
    • do we use the same coil as other sites? can it be due to the bias?
    • check with Sandeep about specifics at other sites (Duke, UK)
    • try to do some additional acquisition correction (?) (Yi and Larry)
    • try imaging next patient with surface coil
    • export pharmacokinetic maps as dicoms, get the needed data outside for the analysis in Slicer
  • DaVinci project (Noby): issues related to the legal concerns of getting video output from DaVinchi have been (for now) resolved. Junichi and Sota will work on getting image from DaVinci, aligning it manually with the preop models, and showing to the surgeon to assess usability. Next will work on fusing the data automatically, and feeding back to the DaVinchi view.


Fiona's U01 application Plan U41 site visit presentation-Clarte/Sota others DBP contribution- Gabor F attending. NCI translational meeting Oct-poster submitted by Junichi


PET/MR discussion- comparing kinetic data with analysis of PET data and DCE MRI Tin DeGrado attended-planning DF HCC Spore application

Congratulations to Soat Oguro -RSNA research award!! Micaii- Sept 16th

Tuesday 9-15-09

Presentation and vist by In Vivo- Scott Carey and Peter?

Tuesday September 8th

Sentinelle device update- Dan MR case segmentation projects- Sota, Fiona, Yi Tang

Sept 10th

Prostate cancer awareness day at MA state house- Drs Tempany and Kantoff (DFCI) presented the latest research.

August news

Andriy Fedorov has accepted new position as lead reg/segmentation expert

Tuesday August 11

Presentation by Timothy DeGrado Ph.D., Director of Cyclotron and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, called "Imaging Choline Metabolism in Prostate Cancer"

Fiona Fennessy presented on Rapid Dynamic Contrast Enhancement of the Prostate at 3.0T

Ludemann et al_Quantification of Perfusion and Permeability in the Prostate Using DCE MRI

August 09

Multi-parmatric MR IRB renewed-Yi Tang and Lousie Greenberg to re-commence case enrollment and monitoring

GEHC pharmo-kinetic mdoeling software update-T1W correction resolved and now available on all cases.

June 2nd

EAB review Steve-data base update and prepr for transition after he leaves. MR/US project Slicer segmentation algortithm-testing by Anreas at Queens and folks at Georgia Tech Noby-preparing cases for segmentation challenge at MICAII in London Sept 09 Andriy Fedorov to join the team now and work with Steve on transtyion of registration/Segmentation projects. He will be considered for Steve's replacement.

Tuesday April 28th 2009

Guest visting Professor- Antonio Westphalen- RSNA scholar, Dr. Clare Tempany scientific advisor. Lecture entitled "Advanced MR imaging after External beam radiation therapy of prostate cancer"

  1. Mag Res Imaging paper- Roebuck et al appears.

Tuesday April 21, 2009

  1. RSNA abstracts update- final submission count from the group-5

Titles/authors and text available XXX

  1. Progress report discussed- update all lectures, citations etc.

Tuesday April 14 2009

  1. Final push for abstracts due today

Steve and Jalil - final stats

  1. Clare to do Bone FUS case Thursday
  2. 2 RC-1 applications from the group- Junichi and Fiona

Tuesday April 7

Tuesday March 31

Tuesday March 24th, 2009

Attending: Noby, Robert, Steve, Sota, Haiying

  1. Nancy/Jalil/Sota study discussed. Robert has done some initial data analysis.
  2. Steve/Robert/BoB to meet (Thursday?) to hone U41 SA #2.
  3. Sota has submitted his paper. Thanks to all.
  4. BRP update needed by Noby.
  5. Noby has submitted Siemen's grant "Prostate Biopsy, Siemann's 3T Verio."
  6. April 24th is deadline for Supplements. 2 year funding. Ideas please.
  7. Discussed U41. Concern expressed about inter-Aim coherence.
  8. Jalil provided Steve with update on MR-Path project:
    1. N=12 pts, s/p prostatectomy with multiparametric data sets.
    2. Specimens / slides are being delivered to pathologist this afternoon.
    3. We are analysing the pre-op MRI sequences in thirds + L/R to evaluate 6 areas/pt.
    4. Sandeep is helping with GE software analysis for ktrans etc analysis on all cases (1 rejected for error in acquisition).
    5. Timeline for completion of analysis by tomorrow.
    6. Statistical analysis by Monday. (!)

Wednesday March 18th, 2009

Attending: Clare, BoB, Steve, Dan, Sota, Jalil, Fiona, Noby

  1. Dan presents update on MR biopsy work with JHU.
  2. Pathology update with Fiona and Jalil
  3. Discussion with BoB on some sequence problems
  4. Steve will meet with Fiona and Jalil and Yi and Sota. Statistics?
  5. U41 goals text needs to be cut down. So does background.
  6. BRP update text needed
  7. NIH "Stimulus" discussed
  8. IRB discussion
  9. Clare away next week. Meeting will be held anyway to follow up.

Tuesday March 10th, 2009

Attending: Clare, Nathan, Steve, Junichi, Noby, Mark, Haiying, Jalil, Fiona

  1. RSNA abstracts will be put on wiki
  2. Fiona getting data to Mark for SPL transfer. 3T data, 9+ with pathology.
  3. Challenge Grants. April 27th deadline.
    1. Junichi/Noby RALP
    2. Fiona fibroid study
    3. Nathan radiation induced sensitivity
    4. Seung-Schik FMRI
    5. Jason
    6. Greg Clement
    7. Prostate Biopsy?
  4. Noby needs data from Jalil. DCE data at 3T
  5. Phillips IGT internship available
  6. Animal imaging update with Nathan
  7. Steve's manuscript update
  8. U41 grant discussion. Endnote file needed, DBP needed, but not high priority

Friday March 6th, 2009

Attending: Clare, Bob, Haiying, Fiona, Jalil, Sota, Robert, Junichi, Steve, Nathan

  1. U41 discussion with Tina. Getting another draft together
  2. Animal study update with Nathan
  3. RSNA plans discussed
  4. Challenge grants discussed. April 27th deadline
  5. Sota manuscript update. Final revisions before submission
  6. Jalil/Sota/Nancy 3 time point project. Jalil to finish contouring.

February 24th, 2009

Attending: Clare, Bob, Sandy, Larry, Junichi, Nathan, Steve, Nancy

  1. U41 next round due Sunday. Steve to sent Sandy text. Nathan has registration part too. Bob's aim is done. Robert's still needs some adjustments.
  2. ISMRM will be attended by Nathan, Bob, Sandy, Clare, Larry.
  3. Nathan discusses FUS project. March target for next case. Training in progress.
  4. Junichi prostate case completed at the Farber. DaVinci robot. Slicer presented images in O.R. Case with Jalil.
  5. Jalil/Nancy/Sota project. Needs to be a meeting with Robert, Clare, Sota, Jalil, Nancy, Steve this week befor Nancy leaves on Thursday.
  6. Sota's paper. Next round of edits. Some work remains on figures. Steve sent edits and text to Sota. Sandy suggests one more reference to add.

February 17th, 2009

No meeting

February 11th, 2009

Attending Clare, Robert, Bob, Steve, Nancy, Sota, Noby, Nathan

  • IRB issue. Robert will add Jalil/Sota/Nancy (J-S-N).
  • J-S-N project.
  1. Outliers in question.
  2. Total gland agreement is the question. Jalil lost some data, needs to re-do.
  3. Can fold in Warren's data?
  4. What is the gold standard?
  5. Make hypothesis more concrete
  6. Steve can run statistics, break gland up into quadrants, etc.
  • Nathan dog studies. Case in March?
  • Sota's paper. Steve will write a paragraph.
  • Clare met with Clare regarding mapping project. Seemed quite positive.
  • U41 text discussion
  • RSNA abstracts? Ideas?
  • MICCAI biomarker workshop. Steve helping organize.
  • Belgium guy. Prostate tutorial.
  • Discussion on Fiona's grant.

February 3rd, 2009

  • Meeting held to discuss U41 renewal. Meeting on renewal with Ferenc to be held February 4th in the Sack Conference room.

January 27th, 2009

Attending: extended prostate group

  • Presentation by visitor Mr. Neil Glossop, Ph.D. He presented "Navigation Systems for Image Guided Interventions."

January 20th, 2009

Attending: BoB, Sandy, Jalil, Mark, Steve, Nathan, Noby, Sota

  • Clinical outcome measurement text needed from Mark for U41. What is a good measure thereof?
  • Meeting with Clare tomorrow re U41 prostate core write-up.
  • Traxtal meeting next week Tuesday the 27th
  • Meeting with Ferenc Feb 4th for U41 to discuss prostate core.
  • Discussion with Mark about dose calculation. Not much variation in dose across patients? See UCSF's work (Mack Roach) on using MR for rad treatment planning.
  • Mark finished contour work with Steve
  • Ross Protocol update. Steve working with Mark Anderson.
  • Jalil discusses NVB project. Rsna abstract?
  • Talked about NVB/DiVinci U41 aim
  • DBP for U41. Noby will send R01 to Steve to boil down.
  • Jalil and Sota update on contouring project. Will send excel file to Clare.
  • Segmentation challenge discussed. Can supply segmentations? How many were used in previous contests?
  • Nathan asks Jalil questions on his staining work relevant to dog studies.
  • Noby talks about Clif Burdette's phased-array peizo-based catheter ultrasound.

January 13th, 2009

Attending: Steve, Jalil, Robert, Junichi, Nancy, Haytham, Sota, Tina, Mark, Nathan, et al.

  • Jim Hu project discussed with Jalil. Work with Noby, SimonD.
  • OpenIGT. Nathan asks Junichi about sharing OpenIGT work with collaborators. Needs research mode? Yes.
  • Sota, Nancy, Jalil. Going well. Present on the 20th. Volume changes in CG/PZ, total gland.
  • Space issues. Tina will request some space under IGT budget.
  • Prostate FUS renewal touched on briefly with Nathan.
  • Sandeep's software. Yi, Fiona, Bob sent some questions to Sandeep. He has replied with ppt slide show to look through.
  • Traxtal meeting on the 27th set up. See wiki for schedule.
  • Thermal Medicine meeting abstracts due Monay. See
  • U41 discussed in detail with Tina. Time line, contents of cores. Feb 4th meeting with Ferenc scheduled. See wiki. Discussed 3 aims within Prostate Core. Aim two is Bob, Steve, Robert. Status of other specific aims?
  • Steve will meet with Mark next Tuesday.
  • Prostate web pages need updating.

January 6th, 2009

Attending: Clare, Bob, Robert, Junichi, Haytham, Sota, Mark, Steve

  • FUS grant progress due
  • Discussed disk space issues
  • Noby back in a week, will go with Jalil to see robot case
  • Traxal coming Jan 27th, need to learn about registration
  • Discussion of U41 renewal, updating Mark
  • Discussed adding Mark's contours to MR-US manuscript
  • Discussed connection to Sandy's project with U Mich on registration
  • Bob will get in touch with Fiona about a good Ross case to use for U41 renewal
  • Update from Sota on projects.


November 11th, 2008

Regular meeting held

November 4th, 2008

Regular meeting held

October 31st, 2008

Regular meeting held

October 21st, 2008

Regular meeting held

October 14th, 2008

Regular meeting held

October 7th, 2008

Regular meeting held

September 30th, 2008

Regular meeting held

September 23rd, 2008

Regular meeting held, including Robert Cormack multi-session studies

September 16th, 2008

Regular meeting held

September 9th, 2008

Regular meeting held

September 2nd, 2008

Regular meeting held

August 26th, 2008

Regular meeting held

August 19th, 2008

Regular meeting held

August 14th, 2008

Regular meeting held, U41 renewal discussion

August 5th, 2008

Regular meeting held, Sota Presents

July 29th, 2008

Regular meeting held, Jalil presentation

July 22nd, 2008

Regular meeting held

July 16th, 2008

Regular meeting held

July 9th, 2008

Regular meeting held

July 1st, 2008

Regular meeting held

June 24th, 2008

Regular meeting held

June 17th, 2008

Regular meeting held

June 13th, 2008

Regular meeting held

June 3rd, 2008

Prostate Meeting. Tuesday June 3rd 2008. 2pm, Hollenberg conference room.

Attending: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkurn, Jalil Afnan, Junichi Tokuda, Nathan MacDannold, Noby Hata, Mark Hurwitz, Larry Panych, Dan Kacher.

CIRS prostate phantom. For ultrasound imaging and biopsy training. Has rectal wall, prostate capsule, seems to work for MRI as well. Two varieties, one with, one without embedded lesions. Cost around $400 per unit.

Nathan giving talk today in Abrams.

U41 retreat Friday. 12-4. Be there.

Dan asks about visualization for image guided therapy. Would like to put something together.

Joes paper needs a few more edits. Bob and Steve will finish it and send latest version around. End of June deadline for Bob.

Faina Stern would like Bob to submit a proposal for working group. Quantitative T2. Bi-exponential decay model. 3.0T

Bone IRB progress discussed.

Nathan asks about bone imaging during FUS.

May 28th, 2008

Dr. Jordon Dimitrakov from Children's Hospital gave a presentation entitled. " Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: Epidemiology, Genomics, Proteomics, Imaging and Beyond. "

Research Abstract The object of our research in progress is to elucidate the connection between prostatic inflammation, chronic prostatitis and prostate cancer. The etiology and pathogenesis of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) has remained elusive. This has hampered development of mechanistic treatment strategies for this common, chronic and distressing medical condition. We believe that CP/CPPS is part of a spectrum of complex but inter-related genetic and acquired diseases resulting from the interaction of several genes regulating immune/inflammatory and neurogenic parameters and environmental factors/circumstances or exposure, culminating in the combination of pain, frequency, urgency and sexual specific symptoms. New research has delineated the dynamic and powerful association of the immune and neurogenic system in pain activation. An immune-modulated neurogenic model of CP/CPPS illuminating the action of immune derived substances and pain related substances might be important in discovering the determinants of pain, voiding dysfunction and gender specific sexual problems. This inter-related dynamic model of CP/CPPS disease pathogenesis could be explored for potential avenues leading to novel diagnostic and treatment strategies. We plan to identify and evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of several novel nerve and inflammation related markers in the diagnosis and follow up of CP/CPPS. By correlating the levels of urine immune and pain related substances to disease mechanisms, severity and progression, we may be able to create a human disease specific model for diagnosis and treatment.This could provide a potential link to prostate cancer pathogenesis and new insights into the relationship between prostatitis and prostate cancer.

May 20th, 2008

Discussed EAB presentations. Dry-run is Wednesday May 28th at 10am. Steve's research highlight will be 5-10 minutes. Clinical justification, background, methods etc., RSNA submission. Check out other products available. Siemens, Phillips etc. Not deformable in commercial products?

Use IGT template. Leave room for questions.

Discussed getting data out of Warrens' FUS treatment planning system. Steve will work with Robert Cormack.

Discussed potential project to use brachy seeds to validate registration.

Discussed Bridge Funding opportunities.

Discussed diffusion in prostate. Lots of activity at ISMRM. Can we pick up that project again? Should discuss with Stephan and Bob.

Joe's CPMG paper. Needs a bit of work, then finished. Steve, Bob and Joe.

May 16th, 2008

Regular meeting held, 2pm Hollenberg Conference Room.

Attending: Clare Tempany, Junichi Tokuda, Jalil Afnan, Dan Kacher, Robert Cormack, Steve Haker, Nathan McDannold

Discussed EAB meeting.

Went over progress report. Forward progress report to Nathan.

Discussed thermal imaging

Discussed dog studies

Discussed R21 submission with Robert

Discussed Fiona's CIMIT grant for prostate vascular imaging

Axel Krieger biopsy device

ISMRM diffusion work. ADC mapping.

Faina Stern advisory board. Multi-parametric imaging.

May 6th, 2008

No Meeting

April 29th, 2008

Regular meeting held, 2pm Hollenberg Conference Room.

April 22nd, 2008

Regular meeting held, 2pm Hollenberg Conference Room.

April 15th, 2008

No Meeting

April 9th, 2008

Held in Sack Conference Room RSNA abstracts discussed. Due date April 15th, 2008.

April 1st, 2008

Held in the Hollenberg Conf. Room.

Reshma Munbodh, Ph.D, from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center gave a presentation. The Title of her talk was: Automated 2-D-3D registration and toxicity analysis in prostate radiotherapy.

March 27th, 2008

Held in Sack Conference Room

March 18th, 2008

Regular meeting held, 2pm Hollenberg Conference Room.

Write Reports for Workshop Reviews

Review 3T Prostate with Jalil.

March 11th, 2008

No Meeting

March 4th, 2008

No Meeting

February 26th, 2008

This serves as a reminder/confirmation of the Prostate Group meeting which is scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday 2/26/08 @ 2:00pm. There will be a guest speaker Haytham Elhawary of University College in London.

The talk is entitled “Development of an MRI Compatible Robot for Transrectal biopsy of the prostate”.

The meeting will take place in the Hollenberg conf. room.

February 19th, 2008

No Meeting

February 15th, 2008

Reminder/Confirmation that the Prostate group meeting will take place tomorrow Friday 2/15/08 @10:00am in the Hollenberg Nathan McDannold will be giving the Dog FUS presentation.

February 6th, 2008

MR-US registration meeting held Wednesday 2/6/08 @ 3:00pm in Clare's office. Steve Haker, Robert Cormack, Clare Tempany, Warren Suh.

January 29th, 2008

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday January 29th, 2008. Hollenberg Conference Room.

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Larry Panych, Junichi Tokuda, Steve Haker, Noby Hata, George, New Person.

George updates everyone on his project. Seems to have enough cases.

Publication database updated.

Larry reports on work in PROSE on 3T. Going ok.

Discussed the progress report and what needs to be added. Some problems with chemical shift to be overcome, but working on it.

David Getty tomorrow. Stereo imaging guy. Targets contoured... Raw data axial T2 would be good. Not about interventions.

Site visit for Steve Pizer during workshop. What are the aims? Be familiar with that. Call before that with them planning.

Grant renewal FUS. Competitive renewal. October 1st 2008.

January 22nd, 2008

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday January 22nd, 2008. Hollenberg Conference Room.

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Larry Panych, Junichi Tokuda, Steve Haker, Noby Hata.

Progress reports publications. Pub, keyword, figure, citatiion, pdf to marianna.

George work with Bob.

ACRIN trial work with Bob. Bad voxels. Project to analyze how many voxels are "analyze-able." No one to do the job.

Meeting with Warren Su, Wednesday the 30th next week. 10 cases review. Wants to do a prospective trial. In the SPL.

Real time volume rendering in Slicer3. Can we meet before meeting with Warren?

David Getty 3D visualization.

Zeta sequence for the prostate? Glen Reynolds would like to know.

Bob suggests inner volume (Dimetri) for prostate.


December 4th, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday December 4th 2007, 2pm. Hollenberg Conference Room

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Jalil Afnan, Junichi Tokuda, Larry Panych, Steve Haker, Noby Hata, Nathan MacDannold, Robert Cormack

Review of RSNA presentation. Lots of T2 mapping, ADC, 3T, some trans-rectal biopsy papers (not really targeted) etc.

Send out MR-US registration paper. Media, Rad Journal, JMRI. As a physics paper. Can get more images to Steve. Mark would like to have some without needles. All contoured by Warren. Mark has done them too. Will compare? Using static images here though. And the stabilizing needles. Unclear how to incorporate this aspect of it. Robert brings up point of getting too much clinical aspect into physics-type paper. Could do a phantom study?

Robert Cormack reports on paper showing feasiblity study of MR to linear accelerator for electron beam therapy. Mark says group of U Florida related research.

Dog study report from Nathan. Will be dog #3 soon. Technical issues working out.

Nathan head registration needed. Steve will help.

Kilian will come on the 18th and give talk to the group.

Meeting next Monday 1-3 with Servette.

Jalil dog blood study updates.

November 13, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday November 13th 2007, 2pm. Hollenberg Conference Room

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Steven Haker, Noby Hata, Jalil Afnan, Junichi Tokuda, Bob Mulkern, Larry Panych.

Need small edits on JMRI review article.

Jalil reports on dog antibody assessment project.

Siemans has 70cm bore 3T magnet "Vireo". May get one installed on L1. May be used for liver ablations, prostate biopsy. May be up and running before AMIGO. Can we connect to Siemanns like we did with MRT?

Bob free on CPMG manuscript. Doesn't want to go to JMRI. Send to MRM, taking any wanted advice. CPMG can be run most anywhere. Would be possible to have isotropic voxels.

Lab space (Kim Lawson)

  1. Robotic space
  2. Office space thorn (image processing space)
  3. Devices that we use.
  4. Computer networks too.
  5. Nathan... animal facility

Workshop 9/10/11 March. Demo of slicer modules needed. Radiation treatment planning currently. Prosate biopsy module Needel tracking or registration. NAMIC all-hands meeting. Ron Wednesday meeting. Clinically usable tool to use. Ultrasound into slicer.

Progress reports early next year. FUS U41 BRP etc. Biosketches up-to-date, publications up-to-date.

CIMIT meeting next day or two. Prostate robot video and poster.

Siemans 3T spectro-package. How is it? Bob has been poking around with it in Childrens.

November 06, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday November 6th 2007, 2:30am. Medical Conference Room.

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Steven Haker, Robert Mulkern, Noby Hata, X. Chang, Junichi Tokuda, Larry Panych, Jalil Afnan, Mark Hurwitz, Magda etc.

Nathan dog study was done last Sunday. Nathan updates on imaging done during the case, operation of the probe, temperature mapping, etc. Overall the first experiment was very encouraging.

Jalil shows some path slides from FUS fibroid patients.

MICCAI had 5 papers on MR and prostate. Two on MR-US registration.

Noby reports on Philips image guided therapy in Japan.

Bob asks about Ross protocol on 3T. It's on 1.5T now, should not yet be done on 3T. Needs new protocol for 3T.

Besam has collected data.

October 26, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Friday October 26th 2007, 9:30am. Hollenberg conference room.

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Junichi Tokuda, Steven Haker, Nathan McDannold, Bob Mulkern.

Update on dog studies from Nathan. Clare and Nathan discuss imaging to be aquired. Talked about staining. T1 maps needed for dog study. Wants multiple flip angles. What sequence? Bob consults.

Paper handed out: "Functional Imaging of Prostate Cancer" Choi, Kim, Kim, Kim, Choi and Cho, Radiographics 2007; 27: 63-77. Nice review of functional imaging of the prostate including diffusion, dynamic contrast enhancement, and spectroscopy.

Conference call with BRP went well. Arranging for integration of registration code into system. Steve needs to work out with Jack technical issues.

Clare would like some slides for ultrasound. Should show T1 and T2-axial with corresponding ultrasound. Try to get NVB showing well in T1.

U41 presentation. Steve will do MR/US. Nathan will do FUS. Bob will do CPMG and perhaps inner-volume imaging for prostate. Steve perhaps will go over with Sandy registration projects.

Novermber 5th is the ISMRM deadline. What are we submitting?

October 16, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday October 16th 2007, 2pm. Hollenberg conference room.

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Besam Khidhir, Junichi Tokuda, Steve Haker, Jalil Afnan, Nathan McDannold, Robert Cormack.

Update on dog studies from Nathan. Starting soon. Company guys coming. Tuesday night starts installation of equipment. Working with vet etc. Logistics coming together. Discussion with Bob about appropriate imaging.

BRP conference call next week. Tuesday at one. Steve will call in.

Robert will try to get more data sets to Steve. Would be good to get N=10.

Steve will meet with Bob about ISMRM abstract.

Memorial Sloan Kettering group registration. External product. GE has something for PET.

Prostate ecoil imaging at 3T needs improvement. Can get help from Larry's group?

Nan-quay leaving for Duke University.

Bob will work on Joe's paper after ISMRM abstracts.

U41 retreat needs planning.

October 09, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday October 9th 2007, 3pm. Sachs conference room.

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Larry Panych, Steve Haker, Jalil Afnan, Ming-long Wu, Noby Hata, Bob Mulkern, Nathan McDannold, Junichi Tokuda.

Kim Butts sequence arrived and in testing.

Needle artifact update with Larry. Reduced FOV phantom to see what inner volume would look like in theory.

Can Dimitri help with inner-volume sequencing? Bob will ask.

Larry asks about external coils available in Amigo. Clare believes that the answer is yes.

Review article for Khan. Steve will send to Clare today.

Joe's paper reviews. Specific points to be addressed. Will make changes and decide where to send it.

BRP meeting update. Gabor suggested we submit ASME Mechatronics (organized at NorthEastern U) MR-compatible robot to invited special edition. Greg Fisher. Mid-November.

U41 meeting demo Philip's module. Slides for Monday presentation to U41 leadership.

Dog studies. Nathan. Protocol for one study has been approved. Was asked about any plans for major hardware/software on MR scanners. None in the works.

Almost done with 7 cases from MR to US.

Patrick's paper needs to be sent in. JMRI result from ISMRM. Noby is handling.

Pathology from Ernie. Steve will try to register.

No word from Steve Pizer. Seems to have what he needs.

No outpatient scans at Bay2 after November. Larry needs to get as many scans as possible before then. Before Nov 1st.

Larry and Nathan discuss some work for ISMRM and grant milestones.

Milestones went out to NIH on Friday.

November 12th U41 retreat. Research overlap detailed. National Center. Need detailed record of collaborations.

Publications after 2000. Check CV Nobt, Bob, Clare against database.

Jalil doesn't think it's worth getting fresh tissue for prostates. If histology can be obtained, can be stained. Fixed specimen is fine. Need IRB changed? No.

Besam making progress on IRB. Pinged Robert for details on getting data. Will meet with Steve and Robert.

October 02, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday October 2nd 2007, 2pm. Hollenberg conference room.

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Larry Panych, Besam Khidhir, Junichi Tokuda, Jalil Afnan, Ming-long Wu, Noby Hata, Steve Haker, Mark Hurwitz, Nathan McDannold.

Besam getting IRB done

Noby reports on BRP status. Can set targets, control scanner in Slicer. Looking at Kim Butts sequence. Questions with versions, single slice mode, etc.

Mark gives talk on "Prostate Cancer and Hypoxia - Prognostic Implications" BOLD used to identify hypoxia? Not much in literature.

Dog studies update from Nathan.

Khan article update.

Ask Bob about next step in Joe's paper.

Update on MR-US registration 7 cases now processed (almost)

Update on MRT data mining project

Milestones should be gone over next Tuesday, for future years.

September 25, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday September 25th 2007, 2pm. Hollenberg conference room.

In attendance: Nathan MacDannold, Noby Hata, Bob Mulkern, Steve Haker, Jalil Afnan, Ming-long Wu, Jing Yuan.

Needle artifact project update. Experiments done with real needle.

Khan review paper. Need to finish up the anwers to reviewers

October 15th dog device date. Process for experiments being worked out. Process described by Nathan. Noby describes his experience with animal facilities.

September 18, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday September 18th 2007, 2pm. Hollenberg conference room.

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Noby Hata, Besam Khidhir, Ming-long Wu, Junichi Tokuda, Philip Mewes, Jalil Afnan, Steve Haker, Mark Hurwitz, Jing Yuan.

Review paper has been accepted pending some answers to the reviewer's points. Steve and Noby will work on some of the items.

Prostate meeting will be held next Tuesday. Clare will not be there.

Next week Tuesday Steve and Marc will meet at 2:30 to look over contouring of prostate ultrasound.

Friday 9/21 at 2pm in the Medical Staff Conference room, Philip will give a talk summarizing his work here.

In 2 weeks Steve will present histology registration work, in the context of work with Ernie Feleppa.

In 2 weeks Marc will present work on hypoxia.

Clare reports on AdMeTech meeting held yesterday and day before. BWH had 6 out of 16 posters there, including the BRP. Interesting work by gentleman at Rutgers on prostate registration, MR to MR.

Steve reports on data mining project. Write up is gone through with the group. Feedback, new ideas presented. Steve will incorporate.

Besam reports on his progress. Needs data from Steve and Robert. Working on getting added to Robert's IRB.

ISMRM ideas are needed. How about Philip's work? Anything from MR-physics? How about Steve and MR-US registration Ask Bob for some ideas too.

Needle phantom update.

Steve reports on work getting Steve Pizer data and write-up he needs for his P01 submission. Will continue with that. Pizer's submission deadline is soon

Milestones for years 4 and 5 needed. Add to Wiki.

September 11, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday September 11th 2007, 2pm. Hollenberg conference room.

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Larry Panych, Noby Hata Junichi, Visitors from Johns Hopkins, Ming-long Wu, Philip Mewes, Besam Khidhir, Jalil Afnan, Steve Haker, Mark Hurwitz, Nathan MacDannold.

Greg Fischer of Johns Hopkins gave a talk at a special session of Journal Club today. He reported on his work in MR-guided robotics for prostate therapy and other image-guided therapy applications. Abstract:

  • MRI proves to be an essential tool for high resolution anatomical imaging and for treatment planning. However, its use as an interventional tool thus far have been very limited due to technical, financial, logistical, and other challenges. It seems clear that MRI has great potential for use for guiding interventional procedures, and that is what has driven my research work. I have developed systems ranging the spectrum of MR-guidance. On one end are simple devices that provide additional information to the clinician and have direct, immediate clinical utility; this includes the Image Overlay system that projects static 2D targeting anatomical images on the patient along with overlaid needle guides. This system has been thoroughly evaluated on cadavers for use in MR Joint Arthrography and Spinal Insertions. On the other end of the spectrum are fully automated robotic devices. In collaboration with SPL, I have been developing an MR-compatible needle placement robot for prostate brachytherapy and biopsy. This system is pneumatically actuated and fully evaluated for MR-compatibility and safety; SNR losses during operation are less that 5% under standard prostate imaging protocols. The robot is beginning initial accuracy studies and phantoms. This talk will discuss my work with the development and evaluation of these technologies.

Needle project update given.

Steve Pizer needs help with his P01 grant.

Steve presents the MR-US registration project. Needs to get more data from Robert. Steve should contact Mark Hurwitz to assess segmentation.

Posters for AdMeTech conference. Noby needs today. Logistics for getting them hung up down there. Nathan going down to Faina Stern's poster.

Philip leaving pretty soon. Yesterday's experiment with robot was completed successfully. Navitrack network performance. Will turn results into paper and thesis. Deadline soon. Leaving September 26th.

Milestone meetings monthly.

Dog trial update. Protocol needs to be designed.

September 7, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Friday September 7th 2007, 2pm. Hollenberg conference room.

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Nathan MacDannold, Bob Mulkern, Jalil Afnan, Larry Panych, Philip Mewes, Steve Haker, Ming-long Wu, Jing Yuan, Noby Hata, Robert Cormack.

Report on needle tip. Test of Fiesta etc. Continuation from last week's discussion. More experiments run. Needle parallel to B0 tough to see needle. B0 orientation seems to be more important than frequency encoding direction. When needle is in B0 direction, artifact is small. Next step biopsy needle with opening in needle. Notch needle.

Kim Butts sequence. Available and collaborative. If it's easy to use and available, why not try. Let's see if we can get it from her. Which magnet do we want to use it on. Short bore 3T might be best. Would do needle tests with her sequence too.

AdMeTech posters. Sent in already. 3 Abstracts sent in already, including Cliff's poster. Send an abstract to Fey. Joe Roebuck project. Get to Noby asap.

Ernie Feleppa project. Needs support from Steve. Will contact.

Steve Pizer project. Needs support from Steve. Will contact, get new images.

Lab space concerns. Will be meeting with Brian Chiango.

Disk space concerns.

Dog device will be here end of September. Need protocol for imaging finished.

Florin has done a nice first draft of "data mining" project outline. EAB needs to get a copy.

Besam would like to get going on project. Needs to get IRB certified.

Milestones for Larry's grant. Needs 13 or so cases. Needs by April, but would like to finish up before this. Go asap on Bay 2.

Greg Fisher coming next week.

August 28, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes. Tuesday August 28th 2007, 2pm. Hollenberg conference room.

In attendance: Nathan MacDannold, Larry Panych, Junichi Tokuda, Jalil Afnan Ming-long Wu, Jing Yuan, Philip Mewes, Steve Haker, Noby Hata.

Needle tracking update. Experiment in long bore 3T. Per Bob's suggestion, changed TR from 4.3ms up to 14ms in 1 ms steps. Seemed to work. Also tried to vary flip angle. How different from what was done from that Northwestern group? What about Kim Butts' sequence?

Talked about using Frank Rybicki's IRB to test Fiesta sequence on prostate staging patients.

Johns Hopkins visiting with equipment. Can store it with Nathan temporarily?

SPORE supplement request for funding of fellowship.

Review paper is going under review.

U41 meeting last Friday. Progress is being made on the database project with Florin and Nicu.

AD-ME-TEC posters. September 10th or so deadline? CPMG poster from Bob/Joe. Noby can help with printing. Junichi one, Greg Fisher and Gabor have one, Cliff Burdette one, maybe Nathan.

ISMRM this year. Not too early to start thinking about ideas? It's in mid-November.

Dog status. Waiting for the system to come from Israel. Should be November.

August 14, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes, Tuesday August 14th 2007, 2pm, Hollenberg Conference Room

In attendance: Steve Haker, Nathan MacDonnald, Larry Panych, Jalil Afnan, Ming-long Wu (imaging postdoc), Jing Yuan (imaging postdoc), Junichi Tokuda.

Larry and others from the imaging group are present. General discussion of their projects and relation to prostate group.

Larry PSF-choice program. With small change to RF part of sequence, point-spread function can be controlled. Hope to use for spectroscopy, i.e. low resolution. Hope to help with ringing. Spectroscopy near fat, especially shifted due to susectibility, can contaminate signal and spectrum.

Larry doing patient scans before bay 2 disappears. Problems working with different Signa software versions. Needs to do 10 patients or so.

Will apply for phase II funding, reporting milestones. Milestones.. phantom stuff works great. Fewer problems than expected! Question of what will happen in-vivo. If it looks good, then should be good to go.

Prostate group can we help Larry? Needs subject recruitment. Missing Joe as a good way for signing patients up. Frankie's IRB for sequence development is up and going.

Ming-long Wu introduced. Functional MR and pulse sequence programming MR physics software.

Jing Yuan introduced. MR hardware design. Superconducting coils, optical and wireless techniques. Pulse sequence design. Working with EPI and Nan-Kwai 3D EPI. Brain FUS work too.

Other ongoing work. Spectroscopy project. Self-correction of data. Scan time is too long, all with phase encoding. Motion, etc can mess it up. Can be done with self-navigation to detect field drift and motion.

RF 2D pulses. Toolbox, i.e. package that can be easily used by a designer to reduces field of view. Will be useful for prostate.

Lots of moving of magnets around in the near future.

Needle visualization project. Test tmorrow at 11am meeting imaging core. After that talk about needle project. Kim Butts paper discussed Ming Long will discuss what he saw at ISMRM. Will decide where to go next with this. Junichi and Jalil have done follow up work on Simon's project. Need some more experiments. Want to accurately determine where the needle is in 3D. What is the optimal sequence. 202 Washington tomorrow at 11am.

AdMeTech poster session. Can we do any? We should. Foundation with Fai Stern $600 million wanted for prostate imaging funding.

Add to email list:,

Friday meeting about milestones for U41.

Parallel imaging for prostate?

July 24, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes, Tuesday July 24th 2007, 2pm, Hollenberg Conference Room

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Steve Haker, Sarah Straus, Nathan MacDonnald, Jalil Afnan, Philip Mewes, Junichi Tokuda, Mark Hurwitz.

Discussion of last weeks visit to Johns Hopkins with Junichi Tokuda and Jalil Afnan. System seems to be working generally as expected. Updates to see the needle tip visualization and tracking made. Philip has completed code to send coordinates to scanner. They will come here to do experiment in September (perhaps the September 10th). Registration of robot to the patient, based on z-frame. Tried to move to specified point... worked. Needle extension in Slicer will be added, based on length of the throw. Will be sending them 2 sample needles of the type we have used here. What is the need for real-time imaging during biopsy? Would be great to see where the needle is going during the insertion process. Seems possible.

Testing needle artifacts. Junichi, Jalil and Sarah at 221 Longwood. Water with phantom and gad. Needle held using Simon's plastic needle holder. Took a lot of images varying phase encode direction and needle direction. Spin echo has less artefact than gradient echo, but takes longer (about 5 seconds). Three Tesla imaging. Will review images with Clare. Junichi needs to reconstruct some of the images (spin echo was obtained with partial fourier, needs special recon). As expected, less artifact if needle points in B0 direction. 18 and 20 gauge EZ-M. Larry Panych has a post-doc who can help with this.

Dog protocol is discussed with Nathan and Mark. Would be nice to emulate preoperative scans as would be for patients. Sorting out sequences and overall protocol. Mark is interested in bone protocol as well. Next few weeks would like to get things going with 3T.

Discussion on the review article figures etc. Needs to go out this week. Close to completion.

Will discuss Christos' paper next Tuesday.

July 17, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes, Tuesday July 17th 2007, 2pm, Hollenberg Conference Room

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Steve Haker, Sarah Straus, Nathan MacDonnald, Jalil Afnan.

Discussion on blood-brain FUS research between Natan, Jalil and Clare.

Need to keep the minutes up-to-date on the wiki. Steve will update.

Khan JMRI article is going forward, getting near done. Can we complete by Friday? Need images and figure headings. Sarah will work with Steve and Noby. Working on Xythos.

Dog prostate planning was discussed. Should be going soon. Need to work with company to pin down what imagine is needed, etc.

Frankie's IRB. Need to make sure you are up to date on it if you are doing pulse-sequence programming.

July 10, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes, Tuesday July 10th 2007, 2pm, Hollenberg Conference Room

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Steve Haker, Sarah Straus, Noby Hata, Philip Mewes, Nathan MacDonnald, Jalil Afnan, Junichi Tokuda.

Hopkins people next Thursday in the morning Bay 2. Early morning. Tracking study. Ultrasound phantom they are bringing. There are a few other phantoms running around. Will be used for 3T testing too. BB target within gel (Simon's).

Philip Mewes gives a progress report on his work. Going well. Will be visiting Hopkins next week.

Junichi Tokuda will be going to Hopkins next week too. Looking at connection of Slicer to scanner. Problems exist but are being overcome. We need to have a way to use without NaviTrack for Cliff and Jack etc. They would like a way to get the raw images in there. Need to communicate with them. Can he give us specifications?

Galleys for JMRI Phillip Bloominfeld are in. Noby may need some help. Grant info to add?

Sarah Straus. Endnote file. Text for Noby and Clare done. Figures needed too. Want 30 pages. 10am tomorrow for organization meeting.

Jalil is working with Junichi on phantom studies.

Prostate FUS dog study will be getting going over the summer. Needs finalization.

Steve will provide Jalil with reference for Szot's work and Patrick's work.

EAB response going out next week. Looks pretty good.

GE meeting last Monday. Amigo work flows. Prostate work flows too. See Amigo wiki.

Ashleigh Fitzgerald for MR certifications. Check to see if you are up to date.

Need to discuss with Robert Cormack the MR-US project. Need to figure out next steps.

July 3, 2007

Prostate Meeting Minutes, Tuesday July 3rd 2007, 2pm, Hollenberg Conference Room

In attendance: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Jalil , Junichi Tokuda, Sara Straus, Noby Hata, Phlip Mewes, Steve Haker

Sara gives her powerpoint presentation. Review of MR-guided prostate interventions. Closed bore. Steve will get Endnote file from Sara. Steve will put Sara's slides on the wiki.

Discussion of Sara's presentation follows.

Kim Butts needle artifact help. We have worked on it in the past. In 3T what will the problem be? What scanner do we have in mind? Short bore 3T. Per Bob, artefact should be quite large in 3T. Can we install her pulse sequence? Need a point man. General discussion on MR compatible needles and phantoms that could be used for testing. Perhaps Dan Kacher could help with his experience.

Discussion on reply to EAB.

June 26, 2007

Prostate Minutes, Tuesday June 26th 2007, Hollenberg Conference Room

In attendance: Robert Cormack, Joe Roebuck, Sara Straus, Hailing Liu, Steve Haker, Cliff Burdette, Robert Cormack, Jack Levins, Clare Tempany, Junichi Tokuda, Philip Mewes, Hopkins Visitors.

Joe's last meeting. Paper submitted. Manuscript for JMRI. Discusses his last tasks here before he leaves.

Insightec looks like it will be ready soon.

Discussion on Zsusanna's paper with Nathan and Clare. Response to reviewers needed. Reponse to Proto etc.

Discussion of Insightec systems. Insightec has different systems for brain, bone, prostate, uterine fibroids. Software and systems improving each iteration.

Sara discusses her work. Reviewing literature on mechanical engineering aspects of image guided therapy. Would like to present to the group. Citations into EndNote library.

Cliff Burdette presents update on interface with MR scanners. Some of his groups work on US-guided brachytherapy.. interplant. Dynamic Dosimetry.

Junichi Tokuda presents workflow. Philip Mewes presents data flow. Hopkins group presents robot control, etc.

June 19, 2007

Prostate Minutes, Tuesday June 19th 2007, Hollenberg Conference Room

In attendance: Steve Haker, Bob Mulkern, Junichi Tokuda, Sara Straus, Philip Mewes, Noby Hata, Robert Cormack, Marc Hurwitz.

Clare away in Washington. Possible agenda items per Clare:

Pls record feedback/thoughts from EAB and all comments discussion from it- pls post on special page on wiki- Tina will show you where.

Seems pretty positive in general per prostate. Poster Child? Request to deseminate more. Can we get some data on line?

Namic and NAC pages will be converted to wiki pages. Automatic publication database part of public viewed pages. "CPMG.. what's the big deal?" - Kim Butts

Kim Butts wants some sequence for needle tracking. Need to discuss with Clare. Want to be sure to respond to with Kim. Trying to figure out what software versions we have, etc.

Be sure Joe gets copies of final manuscript- submitted to all co-authors.

Joe leaving July 1st. Rich Guessman has left. Good luck to him in residency. Dimetry has put in a bunch of comments. Joe is trying to upload to JMRI.

Until end of July Marc will be away at Fall River. Let's have next meetings down there!

Insightec July 15th update. Should be ready to go. Marc would like to see. Short bore. Working out plan for animal studies (snoopy)

Discuss plans for NAMIC all hands presentation. Next week programming week. John's Hopkins people will be here. At MIT Stata center. Fixing the agenda. Need to fill an hour on the 26th. Work flow? Interested in prostate segmentation.

Discuss stat analysis of MR-US registration- is there a role for DICE? Yes, standard overlap measures. How much does MR lie outside of ultrasound. Similar to the French study. Steve may present that at future meeting.

Sara will present next week if possible. Closed bore prostate therapy. Melzer 6 degree of freedom MRI robotic system. FDA approved?

Ernie Feleppa looking for reviewers for prostate special issue. Anik's group? Jeff Yap? Bob Mulkern. MRI/MS said he would do it.

Guy coming from Hopkins. Biopsy device.

Bob needs the white synthetic image for ACR.

June 5, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday June 5th, 2007. Hollenberg conference room.

In attendence: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Steve Haker, Sara Straus, Philip Mewes, Junichi Tokuda, Marc Hurwitz, Nathan MacDonnald, Joe Roebuck, Robert Cormack.

No meeting next week.

Introducion of Sara Straus, summer student from USC. Mechanical engineer. Working with Noby for a couple of months this summer. Prostate biopsy device assessment.

Joe and Bob et al. paper. Looking very good now. Clare brings up a few minor points. Discussion on relation to parallel imaging. Discussion on conspicuity in coronal images in different weightings. Which figure is best? Can we improve conclusion of bi-vs-mono exponential decay?

Junichi discusses robot. Specificication set up for NAMIC meeting. Needs help with protocol. Work flow. How will clinician use the system? What does physician want to see? Discuss with Noby when he gets back.

Next week Tuesday is the EAB meeting. No meeting. Monday is rehearsal.

Steve Pizer presentation Monday at 10am 3rd floor of 1249 Boylston.

Ernie Feleppa's grant got a very good score. Keep your fingers crossed!

Meeting Larry's group at Washington Street Friday morning. Review of ISMRM good stuff.

INSIGHTEC meeting was good today. Expect to ship in 60-90 dog prostate model device.

Animal certification. Get it up to date if you need to. Per Dan Kacher's email. Every 3 years.

What's status of prostate spectroscopy? Done on bay 1, for Ross protocol. Sometimes for clinicians. They are being done. Offline. Larry is interested in how they are being used. Would like to improve the system? Can we identify a new person to do what Joe was doing? New fellow. Should have 3T soon. Larry wants to have an impact clinically. Part of his milestones. What about breast spectroscopy? Interesting...

Breast imaging on the fritz? T2 imaging problem. Bob will look into it.

Biostatistics retreat on Friday next week. People from Brown.

New MRT looks like it's a go.

NAMIC all hands meeting end of June. Tuesday last week of June.

Martha Shenton talk this afternoon. 4-5:30.

May 29, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday May 29th, 2007.

In attendence: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Mark Hurwitz, Junichi Tokuda, Philip Mewes, Steve Haker, Joe Roebuck, Noby Hata, Richard Gessman, Nathan MacDonnald.

ISMRM reports. High B-factor imaging. Whole body diffusion.

Special issue of JMRI MR-guided prostate interventions. Need ideas. Robot/Mechanics Change to closed bore, high field FUS Check ISMRM for latest Multi-parametric mapping for targeting Rigid/Nonrigid registration? Hyperpolarized carbon 13

EAB meeting. Will need to rehearse. Need more data. (Steve)

CPMG paper update. (Steve, Bob, Joe)

This Friday research meeting. Fellows need not attend.

April 10, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday April 10th, 2007.

In attendence: Bob Mulkern, George Oliveira, Marc Hurwitz, Junichi Tokuda, Steve Haker, Patrick Wong, Joe Roebuck, Richard Gessman, Noby Hata, Nathan MacDonnald, Clare Tempany

Richard presents an RSNA abstract draft. Comments and suggestions from the group. Tissue heating and cooling. Will send electronically for further comments.

Patrick gives the presentation he will give at ISMRM. Comments from everyone.

George presents update on his RSNA abstract. To find false-positives from hypo-intensity in prostate gland in men without prostate cancer.

Mark is looking into getting electronic form of output data from their Burdette ultrasound system.

Wiki... update it now! Put all progress out there.

Bruno wants prostate data. MR-contrast. Data should be anonymized.

April 03, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday April 3rd, 2007.

In attendence: Steve Haker, George, Junichi Tokuda, Philip Mewes, Noby Hata, Nathan MacDonnald.

General discussion of what is required for U41 progress reports.

Philip Mewes is introduced to the group. Will be here for 6 months working on Slicer with Noby.

Bob and Joe present progress on their paper.

March 27, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday March 27th, 2007.

In attendence: Bob Mulkern, Junichi Tokuda, Joe Roebuck, Carolyn Mountford, Noby Hata, Kim Lawson, Mark Hurwitz, Nathan MacDonnald, Steve Haker

U41 progress report.

CPMG paper status. Joe and Bob both working on their

John Kurhanewicz talk last week. Carolyn reports. What went wrong with the ACRIN study? Comments by Joe and Bob.

Clare interested in closed bore biopsy in Bay 2. Keep in mind for any new protocols etc.

Junichi introduced to the group. Will be working on BRP mostly. Tracking in MR. Sequence programming too.

Phillip Mewes will be here Friday. Begin working on scanner control and needle detection.

March 13, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday March 13th, 2007.

In attendence: Noby Hata, George Oliveira, Joe Roebuck, Steve Haker, Simon DiMaio, Kim Lawson, Nathan MacDonnald, Bob Mulkern, Rich Gessman

Rich reports on status of his work with dynamic imaging. Seems to be in good shape. Lava (per Joe) is available on the 3T. Joe and Nathan discuss getting Pharma-Kinetics going with multi-parametric imaging at 3T. Need Clare's go-ahead. Want 10-11 pts on the uptake. Questions of scan time. Can Clare do without nicer uptake imaging with new sequence instead? Testing Lava with coil is action item.

Progress report May 31st for U41 progress reports. Internal deadline in next two weeks. Prostate core needs substantial work compared to imaging core for example.

Bob's working on paper. Momemtum has been regained. E-poster will be done tomorrow to be sent to Clare. Content has been preased.

RSNA April 15th Colo-rectal cancer cases used for "Normals" George is working on it but time is tight. Something from Ross study? Joe says unlikely. Edema + seeds?

March 06, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday March 6th, 2007.

In attendence: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Nathan MacDonnald, Robert Cormack, Steve Haker, Simon DiMaio, George Oliveira, Noby Hata, Richard Gessman, Marc Hurwitz.

Meeting next week is on.

MR to Ultrasound project

MR Scan Done last Wednesday. Patient M. E. D. Ultrasound on the 16th. Patient M. E. D. has had 1.5 staging and 1.5 with Foley. Another 10 days later. There are 6 more coming. Total of seven. Might be interesting to take guy's two MRIs, one with Foley and one without. Can we get an abstract with 4 or 5 cases?

Waiting to get prostate FUS system going.

Losing connection to Bay1 from SPL. Can we ftp out files, such as pfiles?

BRP progress report. NIH Bios, COIS, soon. Send to Mary McPeak.

Meeting tomorrow with Bruno. He wants to get internal collaboration going better. Larry has a new post-doc to work on prostate imaging. Explain what the program is, what we do. What current issues are.

SimonD presents workflow for closed bore biopsy.

February 27, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday February 27th, 2007.

Meeting is on for the next two weeks.

In attendence: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Nathan MacDonnald, Robert Cormack, Steve Haker, Simon DiMaio, Richard Gessman, George Oliveira.

Progress report for FUS grant looks like it's in pretty good shape. Missing some bios, COIs, etc.

Clare wonders about sequences on 3T. What is the status? Patients are being scanned. One this Thursday. Pre-biopsy patient. Nathan won't be there. Talk to Joe. Richard will work with Joe. Would like to see what Lava and Tricks can do.

Got a guy here from Ultrasound brachy company. He might know about data formats and the like. If not, should know whom to talk to.

About 8 patients coming in for (probably e-coil) studies. Will have foley, to identify the urethra. They have a full ecoil study already. Need 8 names. Can get routine MR from PACS. Get second MR too. Will have ULTRASOUND, CT that day too. (seeds) Also potentially next day MR and CT. Then CT/MR followup. CT will have foley in place. Would like to find seeds in Ultrasound. Very rich data set. Good for position changes etc.

Baseline MR 1.5 with ecoil MR 1.5 ecoil (?) and Foley catheter Ultrasound implant day 0 Day 0 ct Day 1 ct Day 1 mr day 42 CT day 42 MR

There is at least one case already.

Bob presents initial manuscript for Joe's CPMG paper. Submit as a note (short paper) to MRM?

Anything for RSNA? Ideas?

Bob wonders about edema study. Maybe not ready in time.

Ross study? 5 patients. Images show good results. Did not show them Diffusion and other parameters to them. 10 cases so far.

Bob suggests an alternative to "biopsy proven cancer" research method we use. Can we pick people without biopsy proven cancer, and look for false positives? Imaging is done for screening of rectal cancer. Ecoil study. Konraad et al have looked at use for staging rectal cancer. Can we leverage this study? Can we get a case to look at? Literature search?

Larry's group P41 wiki. Imaging group. Updates of the core presented at the weekly meeting. Can we use format for individual investigators there for our group? Tina will want for EAB meeting in May/June. BobM is the Wiki expert. Will need to keep wiki updated in terms of training, service, etc. See Bob's movie.

Get template and mail it around to key personnel.

Feb 13, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday February 13th, 2007.

In attendence: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, Mark Hurwitz, Nathan MacDonnald, Carolyn Mountfort, Kim Lawson, Richard Gessman, Steve Haker

No meeting next week 2/20/2007.

MRT is dead! Think of new projects to do as replacement. What are we doing today, what can we do in the future? Working out where/when to put new MRT. Initially intended for Amigo Phase II.

Ultrasound to MR registration project. Will be an important project. Need to move fast. Steve has data from Robert for one case. Ultrasound. Not MR yet. Data format has been partially de-coded. Similar to DICOM. Mark has data potentially too. Mark's is a CMS system. (Cliff Burdette, a BRP collaborator) Can we get electronic data out? Needs IRB. Can get protocol from Robert, Warren, Anthony?

Wiki Kim Lawson here to discuss wiki focus. Now wiki has ppt presentations, meeting minutes, publications. What can we do differently to make progress reports? Highlight collaboration and interconnection between cores?

Prostate mailing list additions: (Kim Lawson) (Carolyn Mountford)

Stanford has a relation with InsightTec now. Good for external collaboration. Interested in prostate motion studies. Tracking nerves.

Nathan reports: On obtaining data for temperature mapping. Insightec control panel almost done. Interested in getting dog studies done. Want to implant thermocouples in prostate. Worried about prostate size and probe depth. Interested in temperature mapping. Animal IRB needs adjustment LAVA sequence. Will it work for prostate? Faster than TRICKS?

Dixon method fat mapping of fat/nerves. No Dixon on any of our machines. Can we get it installed? GE says it is ready to go. Bob says no alternative method will do the job.

Simon DiMaio is leaving. Heading to Intuitive Medical. DaVinci robot. Will be missed. BRP needs to be transitioned.

Meeting pre/post Ross cases Meeting tomorrow 2/14/2007 at MRT. Joe Roebuck compiling data. Clinical Research Forms (CRFs) needed for these cases. Don't need Slicer to display images.

Richard's project. Can we get it done before he leaves? Leaving in June. Nathan says it would be good for a Slicer project. Fits are good. Numbers measured agree with CT perfusion numbers in the literature. Cases: 3T no ecoil, one 1.5T no ecoil. Data was hard to read. Format needed to be worked out.

Bell center 3T breast imaging not up yet. March 1 expected per Carolyn. Looked good in Milwaukee.

Jan 16, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday January 16th, 2007.

In attendence: Clare Tempany, Simon DiMaio, Noby Hata, Joe Roebuck, Steve Haker, Richard Gessman, Nathan MacDonnald. Numerous visitors from other cores, Larry and many from his group, Charles Guttmann, Gary Zientara, Dan Kacher, Mitch Albert, Daum and company present for demonstration.

No meeting next week. Clare is away for ISMSM review committee.

Ernie Felippe BRP grant text going out today. Registration.

Christos progress report going out today or tomorrow.

Can reconstruct files lost off the Wiki. Re-link.

Cpmg progress report. Need to meet over cases ROIs. Joe is working on manuscript.

Joe reports on status of GE upgrades.

Ross cases. Joe and Clare need to go over 5 cases or so with Ross. Last week in January. Clare has a form that can be filled out for comparison to baseline.

Nathan working on questions about panel for short bore. Penetration panel for focused ultrasound.

Daum presentation on coils. Numerous vistitors from other cores in attendence, mostly from Larry's MR physics group. InsightMRI Worcester MA.

Jan 9, 2007

Prostate Group Meeting. Tuesday January 9th, 2007.

In attendence: Clare Tempany, Bob Mulkern, George Oliveira, Joe Roebuck, Robert Cormack, Steve Haker, Richard Gessman, Nathan MacDonnald,

Richard Gessman presents "Dynamic Imaging Theory." Nathan and Richard present software developed for analysis.

Next week we have visitors (coils) per Simon DiMaio's e-mail. No meeting week after that.

Biopsy originally scheduled for January 10th is rescheduled to March 8th. MRT is down for repair.

Wiki is back up. Start uploading stuff again. Minutes etc.

GE says prostate 3T should get going on February 1st.

Presentation of status of CPMG project.