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NCIGT P41 BWH Personnel

  1. Arvanitis, Costas FUS
  2. Chu, Renxin Imaging
  3. Clement, Greg Imaging Core PI
  4. Cormack, Robert Prostate core
  5. Colucci, Vincent FUS/Imaging
  6. Fischer, Krisztina FUS
  7. Fujiwara, Keiko FUS/Imaging
  8. Golby, Alexandra Neurosurgery Core PI
  9. Fedorov, Andriy Prostate
  10. Hata, Noby Guidance Core PI
  11. Jakab, Marianna Dissemination
  12. Jing, Yun Imaging
  13. Jolesz, Ferenc Center Director and PI
  14. Kacher, Daniel Prostate
  15. Kapur, Tina Center Executive Director
  16. Kikinis, Ron Center Director for Research
  17. Madore, Bruno Imaging
  18. McDannold, Nathan FUS Core PI
  19. Meral, F. Can Imaging
  20. Morrison, Paul Prostate
  21. Mulkern, Robert Prostate
  22. Norton, Isiah Neurosurgery
  23. O'Donnell, Lauren Neurosurgery
  24. Panych, Larry Prostate
  25. Park, Eun-Joo FUS
  26. Park, Juyoung FUS
  27. Peled, Sharon Neurosurgery
  28. Power, Chanikarn Imaging
  29. San Jose Estepar, Raul Guidance
  30. Rigolo, Laura Neurosurgery
  31. Risholm, Petter Computation
  32. Schmidt, Ehud Imaging
  33. Tang, Sai-Chun FUS
  34. Tempany, Clare Center Director and Co-PI, Prostate Core PI
  35. Tokuda, Junichi Guidance
  36. Tie, Yanmei Neurosurgery
  37. Vosburgh, Kirby Guidance
  38. Vykhodtseva, Natalia FUS
  39. Wells, Sandy Computation Core PI
  40. Westin, C-F Neurosurgery
  41. White, Jason Imaging
  42. Wu, Ming-Long Imaging
  43. Yoo, Seung-Schik Imaging
  44. Yuan, Jing Imaging
  45. Zhang, Yongzhi FUS

External DBP Collaborators

  1. James Balter, Ph.D. (P01CA59827 Comprehensive Adaptive Plan Optimization. University of Michigan.)
  2. Justin Wiseman, Ph.D. (R41RR025718 Direct Sample Analysis with an Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge. Prosolia Inc, Indianapolis.)
  3. Dennis Parker, Ph. D.(R01CA134599 Non-Invasive Image-Guided HIFU for Breast Cancer Therapy. University of Utah.)
  4. Kim Pauly, Ph. D. (R01CA121163 MR-Image Guided Focused Ultrasound for Treatment of Liver and Renal Cancer. Stanford University.)
  5. Gabor Fichtinger, Ph. D.(Queens University), Jerry Prince, Ph. D.(Acousticmed Inc),Clif Burdette, Ph.D. (Prostate Interventions), Clare Tempany MD.(BWH), (R01CA111288 Enabling Technologies for MRI-Guided.
  6. Kullervo Hynynen, Ph.D. (R01EB003268 Ultrasound Delivery Through the Intact Skull. University of Toronto.)
  7. Kevin Cleary, Ph. D., (RO1CA124377 An Integrated System for Image-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation of Liver Tumors. Georgetown University)

Persons Interested in NCIGT