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The Advanced Multimodality Image-Guided Operating Suite (AMIGO).
The movable MR magnet is on the left, the operating suite is in the center and the PET/CT scanner is to the right.

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Welcome to the National Center of Image Guided Therapy (NCIGT) Wiki! We are an NIH funded Biomedical Technology Resource Center that is currently in its third 5-year funding cycle. See NIH press release that announced the inception of NCIGT in 2005. Our Center provides a unique, centralized infrastructure for clinical investigators, biomedical engineers, and basic scientists in promoting and advancing IGT methods and related clinical applications. We are developing and making available new innovative technologies in four discrete Technical Research and Technology (TRD) Core Projects:

  1. Prostate Interventions
  2. Image-Guided Neurosurgery
  3. Computational and Imaging
  4. Guidance Core

These key research initiatives represent the technical and clinical infrastructure of the Resource. They are anticipated to have significant effect on several future IGT methods and clinical applications; and will combine forces with several independently funded Collaborations that address various essential technical or clinical aspects of IGT. Our overarching goal is to create a Center that is national in character reaching effectively across a broad range of constituencies through training in and dissemination of the novel technologies and methods under development in this Resource.

This wiki is meant to encourage quick and efficient communication among the participating investigators and collaborators. The public webpage for NCIGT is and contains research descriptions, collaborations, events as well as publications of each core. The Events page on this wiki contains links to internal meetings that are typically not advertised publicly.


Notice to all Users

Please note that this is a private wiki. Please do not share your account information with others. Please also do not download and/or distribute any files from this site to those who are not on this project. All information on this wiki is put in here with the assumption that access will be limited to those who are working on this project, and not to be shared with potential competitors of any of the groups involved. If you feel that you can not respect these confidentiality criteria, please be in touch with the leadership team and we will figure something out for your case.

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