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Monday, October 6

  1. 8:10 The David B. and Diane Heller Lecture: MRI-guided FUS: history, present & future by Ferenc Jolesz
  2. 2:00 - Session 4: Clinical Applications of MRgFUS: Brain Moderators: Ferenc Jolesz, Edward H.Oldfield
  3. FUS-mediated reversible modulation of region-specific brain function, Seung-Schik Yoo, Alexandra Golby, Nathan McDannold
  4. Blood-brain barrier disruption in rats induced by focused ultrasound under MRI guidance: a safety study, Magdalini C. Pilatou, Natalia Vykhodtseva and Nathan McDannold
  5. Blood Brain Barrier opening: Nathan McDannold
  6. MRI-guided thermal ablations of brain tumors - clinical experience by Ferenc Jolesz
  7. 4:40 - 4.2 Prostate. Moderators: Peter T. Scardino and Clare M. C. Tempany Transrectal treatment of prostate cancer with MRgFUS and Nathan McDannold, Clare M.C. Tempany, M.D., and Natalia Vykhodtsev