HST.563 Imaging Biophysics and Clinical Applications

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NCIGT members will be participating in a new course for HST entitield Imaging Biophysics and Clinical Applications that will be taught in Spring 2008. Steve Stufflebeam and David Boas are running the course.

Course website


Below are the course syllabus and schedule as of 12/12/07. Many (but not all) of the course students next semester are taking Alan Jasanoff's course this Fall, HST.561: Noninvasive imaging in biology and medicine, which focuses more on the physics of various imaging modalities. The syllabus for HST.561 (also known as 22.56J) is attached as well.


Course Directors

Steve Stufflebeam: sms@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
David Boas: dboas@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu


Scott Raymond: sbr@mit.edu
Lisa Treat: treat@mit.edu


David Sosnovik: sosnovik@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Simon Warfield: simon.warfield@childrens.harvard.edu
Daniel Sodickson: daniel.sodickson@nyumc.org
Deborah Burstein: dburstei@bidmc.harvard.edu
D.C. Peters: dcpeters@bidmc.harvard.edu
Greg Sorensen: sorensen@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Anna Moore: amoore@helix.mgh.harvard.edu
Clare Tempany: ctempany@bwh.harvard.edu
Matti Hamalainen: msh@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Bruce Fischl: fischl@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Bruce Jenkins: bgj@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Bruce Rosen: bruce@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Nobuhiko Hata: hata@bwh.harvard.edu
Ron Kikinis: kikinis@bwh.harvard.edu
Homer Pien: hpien@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Qianqian Fang: fangq@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu

NCIGT Lectures

  • Tuesday 4/8/2008, 11am-noon at MIT: Abdominal Imaging (Clare Tempany)
    • Guidelines:
      • a. overview of target (abdomen and pelvis)
      • b. examples of utility of each imaging goal to target
        • i. Structure / anatomy (MRI/CT/US)
        • ii. Function (MRS/PET)
        • iii. Molecular (PET)
        • iv. Interventional c. Future perspective – what’s coming