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May 26, 27

Dan Kacher is coordinating this meeting.

Tentative agenda:

Day 1

  • IMRIS followup on ISMRM meeting
  • 10-min overview, if needed (IMRIS)

What are the key items to address?

  • followup to ISMRM mtg
  • update on research agreement
  • is the installed steel going to accomodate imaging lower in the body? IMRIS construction folks are looking into it now. (brendan)
  • what weight limits on patients
  • We would like a contact who could advise on billing/cms/compliance

Misc Notes:

  • Brain:
    1. Brain Open Surgery (Alex Golby, Ed Laws)
    2. Brain Laser Ablation (Alex Golby)
  • Pelvic
    1. Prostate Biopsy (Clare Tempany)
    2. Prostate Brachytherapy (Clare Tempany)
    3. Cervical Cancer Brachytherapy (Akila Viswanathan)
  • Chest
    1. Breast Cancer Lumpectomy (Mehra Golshan, Eva Gombos)
    2. XMR Guided Cardiac Ablation (Ehud Schmidt, Larry Epstein)
  • Abdomen
    1. Percutaneous Ablation: liver, kidney+ (Kemal Tuncali)
    2. Lung Bronchoscopy, Biopsy (Bueno)
    3. Image Registered Endoscopy: abdominal, thoracic (Kirby Vosburgh)
  • Spine
    1. Percutaneous Spine Procedures (Srini Mukundan, Ehud Schmidt)