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Yale Visit Nov 4-5, 2010 Attendees: Dan Kacher, Angela Kanan, Stu Hooton, Kemal Tuncali, Rachel Rosenblum, Ramon Martin, Brendan Whalen, Pearl Cunningham

  • File:Yale imris meeting 20101105.pdf This is on Sharepoint
  • Members of AMIGO Operations Committee attended Yale's IMRIS meeting focused on operationalization of a suite, targeted at new IMRIS customers
    • Training video and questionnaire are commercially available (Shellock).
    • Additional staff member, "Safety Nurse" who is involved in instrument counting.
    • Additional staff member, "MR Tech Assistant" who stands in hallway and screens/questions people with hand held wand (conventional metal detector, not ferrous metal detector)
    • The MRI scanner can crush a person as it passes through the doors. There is no collision detection.
    • Disconnect between breathing circuit and extension tubing. Solution = tape.
    • Storage - Yale puts angio storage cabinets (catheters, coils) in hallway outside of suite. We should consider same with hall between AMIGO and EP Labs
    • Air curtains between rails - we should emulate
    • Floor is marked to show imaging sweet spot - we should emulate
      • Response from Brendan - floor pattern has been cut and delivered
    • 30 minute warning required before image is acquired (10 min at Children's according t

o their tech)

    • Ear protecting headphones for staff who stay inside room during imaging
    • Yale model differs from BWH. Built as neurosurgical ORs. Same hours and resources as OR. BWH is a clinical research lab. 0.5 cases per day
    • IMRIS MRI coil connector on back of scanner is same as connector 1 on Siemens patient table - there is a cable that connects the two.
      • Dan Kacher has requested delivery of coil to begin testing on existing 3T Verio
    • We could plug in Siemens coils if we had additional ~2 foot extension cable (with wavelength consideration)