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  • 10-12 am AMIGO (Kaindl, Kolum, Lorenz, Tempany, Khorasani, Jolesz) (Abrams Conference room)
    • Tour of AMIGO
    • Syngo via research collaborations
  • 12-1 pm Lunch (Lorenz, Tempany, Jolesz) (Dr. Jolesz's office)
  • 1-3 pm Brigham - Siemens collaborations (Holman conference room)
  • 3-3:30 Research agreement updates (Menard, Goldberger) (Holman conference room)

Questions for Dr. Lorenz:

  • 3T Interventional MRI
  • Laser Temperature Imaging
    • Which dicom transfer path is preferred for Visualase?
    • How do we implement this preferred path?
    • What role for TMAP for neuro ILT down the road?
    • Does ScotH have everything he needs?
  • Other WIPS
  • DynaCT and Tracking
    • What is the tracking technology? What are typical accuracy numbers? (1-2mm range? 3-4 mm range?)
    • Is the field of view size: 18 cm height with a diameter of 24 cm?
    • Can we get names of example sites/applications that have used it well?
    • Can we get individual fluoro frames as well as c-arm position/orientation?
    • Any site working on DynaCT to MR image registration using mechanical information about the table position and orientation at the two imaging positions?
    • DynaCT to CT registration
  • IFE