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Request by BK (Sept 27-October 1)

   * Monday morning: Prostate (about two hours). Meet with Kirby of his guidance work. (~2 hours)
   * Monday afternoon instruction on operation of UltraView for engineers (I will arrange to have the UltraView setup by service in the morning)
   * Wednesday: Slicer Integration. If we could give some guidance to Robert before hand so that he can prepare before coming.
   * Thursday Morning: Pituitary Probe
         o Zack Litvak - Ed Law's fellow 
   * Thursday Afternoon: Noon onward, we will be in other meeting.
   * Friday morning: Pituitary Probe recap. We hope to layout a draft requirements document during meeting to see if we captured all of the requirements. (Robert will need to leave around noon on Friday.) 


Thursday, September 30th: 10am: Dr. Ed Laws re. Pituitary Probe

Friday, October 1: 10am-noon: Kirby Vosburgh re. Guidance