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First Mini Research Retreat 2017


  • Date: August 10, 2017, 2pm-5pm
  • Location: Carrie Hall Conference Room, Brigham and Women's Hospital, 15 Francis Street, Boston MA
  • Room will be set up to facilitate discussion, not lecture-style


  • Each presenter/team to use up to 10 slides to present their recent/most exciting results (~5 min) and scientific and funding plans for next year (~5 min).
  • Each presentation will be followed by a discussion (led by assigned discussants) who will give feedback on applications for technology in different applications (up to 10 minutes).


  • (10 min) Introduction and Goals (Clare Tempany)

Presentations, Titles and Discussants

  1. Elizabeth Randall/Nathalie Agar: Mass spectrometry Imaging for Guidance in Prostate Cancer Care
    • Discussants: Andrey Fedorov, Nathan McDannold
  2. Nick Todd/Nathan McDannold
    • Discussants: Lauren O'Donnell, Nathalie Agar
  3. Shawn Davidson/Ollie Jonas, Medical device in IGT: Implantable Microdevices for in-situ Diagnostics
    • Discussants: Nathalie Agar, Sandy Wells
  4. Junichi Tokuda/Noby Hata - Medical Device in IGT: Percutaneous and highly dexterous robot (Slide])
    • Discussants: Ollie Jonas, Jayender Jagadeesan
  5. Alireza Mehrtash/Alireza Ziaei Torbati: Deep Learning Applications: From Needles to Cancer (Slides])
    • Discussants: Steve Pieper, Jayender Jagadeesan
  6. Sarah Frisken/Steve Pieper: Monitoring, Modeling and Compensating for Brain Shift
    • Discussants: Bruno Madore, Noby Hata
  7. Yanmei Tie/Lauren O'Donnell/Alex Golby: Image-guided Therapy and Brain Mapping for Neurosurgery
    • Discussants: Sandy Wells, Andrey Fedorov
  8. Haoyin Zhou/Jay Jagadeesan: Surgical Navigation: Augmented Reality and Machine Learning
    • Discussants: Alex Golby, Ollie Jonas
  9. Frank Preiswerk/Bruno Madore
    • Discussants: Tina Kapur, Noby Hata


  1. Nathalie Agar
  2. Shawn Davidson
  3. Andriy Fedorov
  4. Sarah Frisken
  5. Alex Golby
  6. Noby Hata
  7. Friso Heslinga
  8. Jayender Jagadeesan
  9. Ollie Jonas
  10. Tina Kapur
  11. Ron Kikinis
  12. Pedro Lopes Da Frota Moreira
  13. Bruno Madore
  14. Nathan McDannold
  15. Alireza Mehrtash
  16. Lauren O'Donnell
  17. Steve Pieper
  18. Frankie Preiswerk
  19. Elizabeth Randall
  20. Clare Tempany
  21. Yanmei Tie
  22. Nicholas Todd
  23. Junichi Tokuda
  24. Alireza Ziaei Torbati
  25. Pablo Valdez
  26. Sandy Wells
  27. Haoyin Zhou
  28. Sankha "Bobby" Basu