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Names of Visitors from Hologic: Axel Kriger, Ken Brooks, Elizabeth Dermody (Sales Manager)

  • Monday
    • 11am: Arrival
    • 11am-12pm: Kemal Tuncali (AMIGO)
    • 12pm: Lunch (Tina)
    • 1-3pm: Setup in AMIGO (Dan)
    • 3:30-5pm: Demo to Clare (AMIGO)
    • 6pm-6:30pm: Akila (AMIGO)
  • Tuesday
    • 10am: IRB Discussion: Clare, Kemal (Clare's office)
    • 11am: MRI tracking coils + prostate assembly (Ehud Schmidt)
    • 12pm: Lunch (Andriy Feodorov)
    • 2pm: Presentation at Prostate Group Meeting

Planned Attendees

  1. Clare Tempany
  2. Kemal Tuncali
  3. Robert Cormack
  4. Noby Hata
  5. Junichi Tokuda
  6. Tina Kapur
  7. Andriy Fedorov
  8. Ehud Schmidt
  9. Dan Kacher
  10. Lei Qin
  11. Akila Viswanathan