2014 NCIGT Renewal brainstorming

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Current Funding

Ends on July 31, 2015

Timeline 2014-2015

  • May 25, 2014 Submission
  • Oct-Nov, 2014 Review, Electronic Site Visit
  • April 2015 Earliest Funding Start date

Transition to Google Docs

All the project proposals have been transitioned to this google doc on 11/11/2013. All presenters have read/write access to it, and should continue there.


November 11

Brainstorming Session Monday September 12

Brainstorming Session Monday July 15

Duration: 10am-1pm

Ground rules:

  • each participant will present 2 slides on a candidate project (equivalent of a specific aim) in 5 minutes, and then there will be discussion on it for 5 minutes. The first slide will contain the idea for the proposed project, and the second slide will contain information about
    1. grant number(s) that supports the idea
    2. recent articles that demonstrate our previous work on that topic
    3. grants and articles that are currently in preparation on that topic.
    4. for this meeting, we will include project proposals that do not meet all these criteria BUT unless they are groundbreaking, these are unlikely to strengthen the proposal