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Date and Time: Tuesday, January 27, 12:00-4:00PM

Neil Glossop, Ph.D. will be presenting a navigation system for image guided intervention for use in focal prostate biopsy that will be available in the near future; and describing the current available system used in image guided intervention.



  • 12:00PM: Lunch with Clare Tempany M.D.
Surgical Planning Lab
  • 1:00PM: Meet with Paul Morrison and Neculai Acrhip Ph.D.
Surgical Planning Lab
  • 1:30PM: Meet with Mark Hurwitz M.D.
Surgical Planning Lab
  • 2:00PM: Presentation at Prostate Group Meeting
Hollenberg Conference Room
  • 3:00PM: Meet with Tina Kapur Ph.D., Steve Haker Ph.D., and Matt Toews Ph.D.
Surgical Planning Lab
  • 3:30PM: Meet with Nobuhiko Hata Ph.D., Haytham Elhawary Ph.D., and Junichi Tokuda Ph.D.
Surgical Planning Lab


  • Steve Haker
  • Tina
  • Noby
  • Hatham
  • Paul M
  • Matt Toews
  • Junichi Tokuda
  • Mark Hurwitz