2008 May 15 InSightec Mini Symposium

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May 13th Preparation Meeting

1:00-2:00 pm Hollenberg Conference Room

Dr. Jolesz will review and discuss with all what will be presented to InSightec on May 15th

FINAL AGENDA May 15, 2008 12:30-5:00pm

Lunch will available to all participants from 12:30-1:00pm

1:00-5:00 p.m Hollenberg Conference Room

Attendees from InSightec:

Kobi Vortman, President and CEO
Victor Reddick, Vice President, General Manager Americas
Shuki Vitek, Vice President, Research & Development
Yoav Medan, Vice President, Chief Systems Architect
Oded Tamir, Chief Operating Officer


1:00pm - Parallel Imaging for Rapid PRF Thermal Imaging- Bruno Madore
1:20pm - Novel Reduced FOV and 3D Sequences for Thermal Imaging - Larry Panych, Nathan McDannold
1:40pm - Slicer 3 for Real-Time Temperature and Thermal Dose Visualization - Haiying Liu
2:00pm - Using Optical Flow for Predicting Thermal Front Progression - Gary Zientara
2:20pm - ULS Tissue Motion Tracking and Ablation Monitoring - Greg Clement, Nathan McDannold

2:40-3:00pm BREAK

3:00pm - Moving Organ Thermal MRI for Liver FUS- Kagayaki Kuroda, Tokai University, Japan
3:20pm - Navigated Multiple-Breathing-Phase 3D Liver Imaging - Junichi Tokuda
3:40pm - Image-based Tracking of Liver Features - James Rose - GE- GRC
4:00pm - Intergrated Approach to Planning, Motion Tracking, and Temperature Imaging for Liver FUS - Yuval Zur, GE Healthcare
4:20pm - 2 Strategies for Liver MRI Thermometry - Kim Butts-Pauly- Stanford
4:40pm - WRAP UP - Ferenc Jolesz

BWH Attendees

  1. Ferenc Jolesz
  2. Clare Tempany
  3. Larry Panych
  4. Nathan McDannold
  5. Greg Clement
  6. Bruno Madore
  7. Junichi Tokuda
  8. Ehud Schmidt
  9. Gary Zientara
  10. Haiying Liu

External Attendees

  1. Yuval Zur
  2. James Ross
  3. Kim Butts-Pauly
  4. Giora Sat
  5. Kagayaki Kuroda
  6. Cindy Landberg
  7. Kai Thomineius