2008 March14 DrTani Visit

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Tohru Tani, MD

Professor and Chairman of Surgery Shiga Universityof Medicine and Science Seta, Otsu-shi Shiga, Japan


  • Sack Conference Room, (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Department of Radiology)
  • March 14, 2008, 10 am-


Briefing the outcome of Hata/Tani meeting in Bethesda and Presentation

Endoscope tracked by Robin

  • Machida's fiberscope (2.5 & 4 mm)
  • Electro-magnetic position sensor (Microbird / Aurora)
  • Currently, the sensor is inserted into the channel
  • Grant for implementation of position sensor in Machida's endoscope (ACTION ITEM)

New surgical system (translucent body imaging)

  • MR compatible Microwave Scissors Scissoro-Scop- surgical tool
  • Robin Medical attached
  • navigation to assist in cutting to comprehend the cutting plane
  • Translucent image guided liver resection with MWCX
  • Transition from 3D Sliser to commercial software (ACTION ITEM)
    • Software to present current position
    • Visualization of tumor resection (alternative to sissor-scopy??) (ACTION ITEM)
  • Horizonal scanner (optical tracking + MR compatible endoscope)
    • Test in 0.5T -> 1.5T -> 3T (ACTION ITEM in Summer, 2008)
    • Animal Study (ACTION ITEM))

Open discussions

  • Can BWH loan one [open discussion]
    • Endscount INSIDE the tip of the endoscope
  • Can BWH loan one and integrate in Slicer? (ACTION ITEM)
    • MRI compatible forceps (rigid?)
    • Ablation probe for endoscope. needle come out at the tip of the probe
    • Biopsy?
    • Test device in BWH, publish paper and submit grant (total 1.5 years)

  • Robot to manipulate endoscope
    • Role of robotics is significant in NOTES
    • Neuroendoscope robot developed in NEDO's project -> possible solution
    • Possible Grants
      • Japanese Grants (Kiban A, Kiban S)
      • CIMIT Grant (1-2 years)
        • Publish paper for grants (ACTION ITEM)
  • Shared Vision = Transition to close-bore open-surgery
  • Additional discussion items
    • MR compatible endoscope
    • situation of BWH
    • flexible robot hand
    • new surgical system with slicer
    • MRI ablation device - partner company
  • Resource
    • 1 w/year visit of BWH researcher to Shiga
    • Japanese funding for equipment purchase
    • US funding for additional personnel in BWH
    • Equipment loaning or donation from Machida
    • Extended visit of scholars from Shiga for preliminary study
    • BWH policy on Exclusive industrial partnership

Comments from Dr. Ferenc Jolesz

  • Jolesz showed interest in trying the endoscope in 3T (ACTION ITEM)
  • Jolesz showed intereted in NOTES

Next meeting

  • Telephone Conference
    • April 14
    • Progress report