2008 Henan, China iMRI Visit

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U41 Outreach Activity

Details on U-41 Outreach Delegation from the Henan People's Hospital 4_28_08

  • April 28, 2008
  • Visit from Henan People's Hospital (China)
  • Hostpital is to install low field open scanner for iMRI
  • Agenda:
  • 9am arrive
  • 9am-11am Hollenberg Conference Room (15-20min per talk)
    • Clare Tempany - welcome
    • Dan Kacher - History and Future of iMRI at BWH
    • Clare Tempany - prostate program
    • Alex Golby - neurosurgery program
    • Paul Morrison - tumor ablation program
  • 11am-12n Sack Conference Room (30 min)
    • Haiying - Slicer
    • Kathryn Andriole - Radiology IT
  • Lunch with Geoff Young, Paul, Haiying
  • Visit to Children's IMRIS
  • Visit to CT, Stu Silverman
  • 3pm depart
  • Visitors
  1. Xuezhou Liu: President, Henan Province People's Hospital
  2. Deputy Director, Department of Health, Henan Province
  3. Liya Wang:Vice President, Henan Province People's Hospital
  4. Chuanliang Chen:Director, President Office, Henan Province People's Hospital
  5. Zhiqiang Shen:Director, Outpatient Services, Henan Province People's Hospital
  6. Tianxiao Li: Director, Physician-in-chief, Henan Province People's Hospital
  7. Lei Zhu:Physician-in-chief, Henan Province People's Hospital
  8. Yong Liu:Director, Foreign Affair Office, Henan Province People’s Hospital