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The first NCIGT retreat was held at Brigham and Women's Hospital on November 12, 2007 from 8:30am-3pm. 55 researchers, of whom 45 are funded by NCIGT, attended the all-day meeting. The day was divided into two sections: in the first part, Dr. Mike Vannier, Professor of Radiology from University of Chicago was invited to give a keynote speech on his vision for the future of Image-Guided Therapy, and to participate in a discussion panel on currently available data-sharing infrastructure that NCIGT could leverage. The second part was an internal NCIGT meeting, after the departure of Dr. Vannier. In this section of the meeting, first each member of the leadership team presented their near and far term vision for their cores, and then each researcher presented the latest results on their NCIGT projects. These research presentations were done in informal groups - 7 in parallel - such that each researcher presented to a group of 7 others gathered around a table. Each researcher was allocated 15 minutes, half for presentation and half for discussion, and the overall energy generated by these interactions was impressive enough that this event is likely to be made an annual feature of the center.

All presentations from the meeting are available below.

IMG 0755.JPG Picture 2.JPG Picture 5.JPG

Attendee Feedback

If you attended the retreat, please take a few minutes to give us your feedback. We are considering making this an annual NCIGT event, and would like to incorporate your feedback into planning that. Please give your feedback on this page: 2007 NCIGT Retreat Feedback

When and Where

  • November 12, 2007. 8:30am-3pm.
  • Carrie Hall, 15 Francis Street, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston MA
  • 2007 NCIGT Retreat Agenda (MS Word)


Full Day Snapshot

Time Presentation
8:30-9:00 Breakfast (and sign up for afternoon sessions)
9:00-9:45 Keynote Address by Mike Vannier, MD, Professor of Radiology, University of Chicago Medical Center
11:00-:11-45 Data Sharing Panel

Presentation (Steve Pieper)
Panel Discussion (Panelists: Mike Vannier, Ron Kikinis, Steve Pieper)

11:45-1:00pm Leadership Presentations

Each presentation will be for ~5 minutes, with ~5 minutes for discussion
Overall and Prostate Core , Clare Tempany (video1,video2)
Neurosurgery Core, Alexandra Golby
Focused Ultrasound Core, Nathan McDannold
Imaging Core, Larry Panych
Computation Core, Sandy Wells,
Outreach Tina Kapur

1:00-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-2:50pm Research Project Presentations

7 workspaces will be set up for informal presentations in parallel
Each presentation will be for ~8 minutes to an audience of ~6, to be followed by ~7 minute discussion
(2pm: Fresh Coffee)

2:50-3pm Wrap Up, Clare Tempany

Afternoon Research Projects

Table# 1:45pm 2:00pm 2:15pm 2:30pm 2:45pm
Table 1 Ion-Florin Talos, Neuro. MRT data mining Yanmei Tie, Neuro. ICA for pre-surgical language mapping Lauren O'Donnell, Neuro. Tract-Based Morphometry Sharon Peled, Neuro. Fiber tracking through edema Alireza Radmanesh, Neuro. ‎ MRT neuro data mining(brain biopsy), corticospinal streamline tractography
Table 2 Ralph Suarez, Neuro. Presurgical Assessment of Language Laterality from fMRI Jeff Stoll, CC. Frameless IGT in the middle room:Tracking and Real Time display Kinh Tieu, CC. Registration and Echo-Planar Distortion Correction Steve Whalen, Neuro. Clinical FMRI and DTI for Surgical Planning CF Westin, Neuro.Diffusion MRI Tractography for Neurosurgery
Table 3 Kirby Vosburgh, CC. Frameless IGT in the middle room:Segmentation and Registration Gary Zientara, Imaging. DARTS Software Infrastructure Core of DARTS - Local Server Wendy Plesniak, CC. Incorporating user-centered design to create more appropriate and usable IGT tools Haiying Liu, CC. Neuroendoscopic Navigation System in Slicer
Table 4 Neculai Archip, CC. New non-rigid registration approaches for abdominal image-guided interventions Seung-Schik Yoo, Imaging. Real-time fMRI: applications for Image-guided therapy Mohammed Aljallad, Imaging, Temperature Monitoring with MURPS in a Reduced Field-of-view. Ming-Long Wu, Imaging. Needle Imaging for Real Time Prostate Biopsy System at 3T Bruno Madore, Imaging. Fast imaging library: MR Methods
Table 5 Bob Mulkern, Imaging/Prostate. T2 mapping in the prostate and 3D inner-volume FSE Steve Haker, Prostate. MR-Ultrasound Registration Nobuhiko Hata, Prostate, Open source IGT software toolkit. Renxin Chu, Imaging: Parallel Line Scan Diffusion Imaging(pLSDI) Jing Yuan, Imaging. Ultra-short echo planar 2drf pulse excitation for fast imaging
Table 6 Scott Hoge, Imaging. Fast imaging library: Software Implementation Magdalini C. Pilatou, FUS Surgery of Uterine Fibroids: Preliminary Study Caleb Farny, FUS. Ultrasound phase contrast thermal imaging Dan Kacher, MRI-Guided Cardiac Ablation Paul Morrison, Prostate. The Tumor Ablation Program as a Platform for Collaboration
Table 7 Jason White, FUS. Transcranial Applications of Ultrasound Krisztina Fischer, FUS. Potential use of Focused Ultrasound in Renal Ultrafiltration Elisabetta Sassaroli, FUS. From imaging to therapy: The physics of gas bubble for medical applications of ultrasound

Presentations in PDF

Guidelines for Presentations

Core Vision Presentations

PPT Template for Vision Presentations

Research Project Presentations

  • 33 of the participants will be presenting projects in this section of the meeting.
  • Presentations will be divided into 5 sessions of 15 minutes each
  • In each session, ~7 presenters will present in parallel
  • Each presentation station will be a table with a laptop and an easel.
  • Each presentation will be done in an informal style to an audience of ~6.
  • Each 15 minute time session will roughly be divided into - presentation for 7 minutes, questions for 7, and 1 minute to transition to the next group.
  • The following guidelines should be used in preparing the presentations:
    • ~10 slides.
    • While there is no fixed template for the content of these talks, this PPT template should be used to make the slides.
    • Complete and Upload your slides to the wiki by Thursday, November 8th, 5pm ET.
    • Focus on what you think are your main contributions to the NCIGT program
    • Cater technical level to NCIGT researchers who are not from your core
    • If clinical application is not obvious from title, state that explicitly
    • If you will be presenting this work at an upcoming workshop/conference, provide pointers to that
    • Mention where on the NCIGT wiki (or elsewhere on the web) additional details of this work can be found
    • If you have questions about the application of your work to another core, include these
  • Each participant will be asked to sign up for presentations at lunchtime at the retreat.
  • To maximize cross-core interactions, each participant is encouraged to attend presentations outside their core.


This is a list of the people who will attend: (*denotes non NCIGT funded attendees who are not expected to present, **not funded by NCIGT)

  1. Ferenc Jolesz, MD
  2. Clare Tempany, MD
  3. Ron Kikinis, MD
  4. Tina Kapur, PhD
  5. Sandy Wells, PhD
  6. Alex Golby, MD
  7. Larry Panych, PhD
  8. Greg Clement, PhD
  9. Nathan McDannold, PhD
  10. Kirby Vosburgh, MD, CC
  11. Ion-Florin Talos, MD, Neuro
  12. Lauren O'Donnell, PhD, Neuro
  13. Alireza Radmanesh, MD, Neuro
  14. Yanmei Tie, PhD, Neuro
  15. Steve Whalen, BS, Neuro
  16. Sharon Peled, PhD, Neuro
  17. Carl-Fredrik Westin, PhD, Neuro
  18. Neculai Archip, PhD, CC
  19. Haiying Liu, PhD, CC
  20. Wendy Plesniak, PhD, CC
  21. Bruno Madore, PhD, Imaging
  22. Scott Hoge, PhD, Imaging
  23. Seung-Schik Yoo, PhD, Imaging
  24. Ralph Suarez, PhD, Neuro
  25. Renxin Chu, PhD, Imaging
  26. Jing Yuan, PhD, Imaging
  27. Gary Zientara, PhD, Imaging
  28. Nobuhiko Hata, PhD, Prostate
  29. Steve Haker, PhD, Prostate
  30. Paul Morrison, MS, Prostate
  31. Dan Kacher, MS, Prostate
  32. Jason White, PhD, FUS
  33. Krisztina Fischer, PhD, FUS
  34. Magdalini C. Pilatou, PhD, FUS
  35. Marianna Jakab, MS, Web
  36. Kim Lawson, BA, Editor
  37. Megan Morash, RN, M.ED, IRB
  38. Bob Mulkern, PhD, Imaging
  39. Kinh Tieu, PhD, CC
  40. Caleb Farny, PhD, FUS
  41. Mohammed Al Jallad, MS, Imaging
  42. Stephan Maier, PhD, MR Imaging
  43. Elisabetta Sassaroli, PhD, FUS
  44. Ming-Long Wu, PhD, Imaging
  45. Jeff Stoll, PhD, CC
  46. Katie Hayes, MS*
  47. Sonia Pujol, PhD*
  48. Junichi Tokuda, PhD*
  49. George Chiou, PhD*
  50. Steve Pieper, PhD**
  51. Mike Vannier, MD**
  52. John Breen *
  53. Raul San Jose, PhD*
  54. Carlos Illana*
  55. Jong-Hwan Lee, PhD*, Imaging
  56. Nicholas Ayache, PhD*, INRIA

If you add your name here after Mike Vannier, please send an email to Kathryn Moody (kmoody@bwh) so she can ensure you have a nametag


  • Food and Room(Deb)
    • Table setup
    • 25 ft cat5 cable
  • Printing (Kat)
    • Labels
    • Session signup sheets
    • Agenda
    • Signs with Table numbers
  • Handout pdf (Kat):
    • vision slides
    • project slides
  • Projector and Internet access in room (Kinh, Kim)
  • Laptops for meeting: Confirmed Tina, Bruno, Sandy, Nicu, Noby,Nathan,Larry, Greg.
  • Capture highlights of panel discussion: Kim
  • Core reps: Kinh, Scott, Krisztina, Steve, Noby