2007 U41 Mini Retreat

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Time and Location

Date and Time: Friday, June 15th, 2-5pm.

Location: Ledge. 4-002 E & G (Fourth Floor of One Brigham Circle)


Goals: To identify biostatistical needs for the U41 Cores and P01 Projects. The group from Brown has been invited to understand the biostatistical needs of our projects and potentially to partner with us to address these needs. Representatives of each core/project on the U41 and P01 should come to the meeting prepared to give a short overview of their core/project (please reuse slides from the EAB), and to discuss the types of statistical problems they would be interesting in collaborating with the Brown statistics team on. BWH Host: Clare Tempany.


Confirmed Attendee List:


  1. Constantine Gatsonis
  2. Ilana Gareen
  3. Suddhasatta Acharyya
  4. Mei Hsiu Chen
  5. Dawei Liu


  1. Clare Tempany
  2. Tina Kapur
  3. Lauren O'Donnell
  4. Nicu Archip
  5. Noby Hata
  6. Nathan McDannold
  7. Steve Haker
  8. Larry Panych
  9. Sandy Wells
  10. Paul Morrison


2-2:20pm: Welcome and Introductions (Clare Tempany)

2:20-2:50pm: Brown Program Overview (Constantine Gatsonis)

2:50-3:05pm: U41 & P01 Prostate Presentation, Discussion of Statistical Needs (Steve Haker, Noby Hata: Biostatiscs examples from past projects)

3:05-3:20pm: U41 Neurosurgery Core Presentation, Discussion of Statistical Needs (Lauren O'Donnell)

3:20-3:30: Break

3:30-3:45: Tumor Ablation Program Biostats needs (Nicu, Paul)

3:45-4:00pm: U41 Computation Core Presentation, Discussion of Statistical Needs (Nicu Archip)

4-4:15pm: U41 and P01 Imaging Core Presentation, Discussion of Statistical Needs (Larry Panych)

4:15-4:30pm: U41 and P01 FUS Core Presentation, Discussion of Statistical Needs (Nathan McDannold)

4:45-5:00pm: Wrap-Up (Clare Tempany)