2007 Summer AMIGO Programs Meeting with GE

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Date: July 9th

Highlights of Meeting

  1. Workflows were presented. Modifications will be made to these based on Chris' feedback.
  2. Chris Unger's notes from the meeting
  3. Within a week, we need to select 7-10 procedures (including the ones we discussed today) that we believe cover the majority of the building blocks of clinical procedures that we can forsee being performed in AMIGO. (We will do this in the next AMIGO meeting, and assign owners for the workflows)
  4. By the middle of August, we need to complete workflows for all of these procedures
  5. Four major infrastructure areas have been identified in our workflows so far, and all the workflows must contain a section detailing their specific needs in these areas:
    1. anesthesia (Jim Philip)
    2. patient transport (Dan Kacher)
    3. IT (Gary Zientara, Noby Hata)
    4. navigation (Tina Kapur)
  6. By the end of August, the above owners of infrastructure are responsible for ensuring that a 1-page list of feature requests is compiled for each area that addresses the needs of all workflows
  7. Mark Morita is the IT contact at GE, and a meeting needs to be scheduled between our IT leads and him to finalize the IT infrastructure needs mentioned above.
  8. GE contact for anesthesia is John Pantano
  9. GE contact for patient transport is ?
  10. GE contact for navigation is ?
  11. Overall, Chris would like to complete data gathering from us in September so that he is ready to present a budget to his managers for approval in October.
  12. Alex Ganin is the PET/CT Chief Engineer and should be Paul's contact for gathering information about features in the current system

Action Items from Meeting

1. Update Ablation workflow (Tweaks, clarify GE vs. BWH)

Completed. We will send Chris the final copy tomorrow (7/27)

2. Update MR Prostate (add details to sec. 10, clarify GE vs. BWH)

Completed. We will send Chris the final copy tomorrow (7/27)

3. Close on coil list (Dan, Karl)

Completed. We will send Chris the final copy tomorrow (7/27)

4. John Pantano to establish discussion of periop roadmap vs. 3rd party. Probably we will leverage Cardinal offering

Not yet completed. John has initiated discussions at GE and will be in touch with Jim Philip.

5. Establish conversation with Mike Washburne (US) on roadmap for navigated US (John Pantano to OK with TerriB)

Not yet completed. John has initiated discussions at GE. Chris Unger has offered to arrange for a visit for BWH researchers to GE Ultrasound, if that is desired.

6. Close on MR features (bore size?). Either phone, or JohnP to coordinate a face to face as planned

Not yet completed. John has initiated discussions at GE.

List of follow-up emails

7. Establish conversation with Mark Morita on Display/Video Dist/Consultation

Noby/Gary have initiated this. No visit dates scheduled yet.

8. Close on PET/CT ’08 feature offering (Alex Ganin)

Paul has initiated this and is following up to clarify response for whether fluoro/CT is available for the 64 slice PET/CT.

9. Clarify Maquet docking mechanism request (Philips JR Tokai mechanism: what is it, is it a standard Maquet offering)?

Tokai mechanism: MRXO_1.JPG. It is not Maquet solution. It is a solution that allows the Philips fluoro table to pivot until it almost reaches the Philips MR table. A bridge is added to make up the deficit in distance. We don’t expect to use this in the Amigo patient transfer.

10. Clarify that patient transport to Angio an official request - Tina/Clare to verify with FAJ/Andrew Menard about this

BWH team is working on this. Andrew Menard will add it to the MOU. Highlights of the discussion so far are that: 1) OEC 9900 is needed for sure and that is part of the MOU already 2) It seems to work well with the Stille table shown here: http://www.stille-sonesta.com/site/imagiq.html and this is not yet in the MOU 3)should the OEC 9900 be replaced by the flat panel OEC which is on the roadmap, and 4) is angio needed in addition. Depending on the requirements of the procedures to be done in AMIGO, we will be able to answer these questions. John Pantano is looking into the resolution differences between OEC9900, flat panel version, and that of angio systems.

11. Clarify short term delivery request for MR table

We would like to take delivery of the Transmobile/Signa OR Table/Transfer Board and transfer board mounted In Vivo monitor ASAP. We have active research funding to do safety assessment of this equipment that will go waste if we don’t start using it immediately.

12. Develop added workflows…(Oncological Surgery and Intravascular Interventional). Tina to close on final list of ‘driving workflows’ in July 16th AMIGO meeting. - three additional procedures were proposed (neurovascular - using radiolucent headholder, c-ar, stroke/perfusion imaging, liver or breast open surgery, and intravascular interventional). Clare to finalize.

BWH team is working on this. There are several candidate procedures but the appropriate set selection requires further discussion within the BWH team.


Bayles Conference Room. (Directions to Bayles Conference Room can be found here).


  • ~9am: Chris to arrive at SPL. Meeting with Ferenc in his office (Tentative)
  • 9:15am: Introduction/Goals of Meeting (Clare/Tina, Chris)
  • 10am-11:30: Ablation Program Workflow and Needs in AMIGO (Paul)
  • 11:30am-1pm: Prostate Program Workflow and Needs in AMIGO (Clare, Noby)
  • 1-1:30pm: lunch break
  • 1:30-2:30pm: Neurosurgery Program Workflow and Needs in AMIGO (Dan, Tina)
  • 2:30-4pm: Infrastructure: Anesthesia/Room Utilization/Tables/Monitors (Dan)
  • 4-5pm: Discussion and Wrapup for the day


This is a list of documents that will be referenced in this meeting:

Questions for Chris

  1. What is the status of the MR table, Transmobile Table, In Vivo Monitor, Skull Clamp, GE NAVS arm/transmitter? When can we take delivery?
  2. What is the GE anesthesia recommendation for AMIGO?
  3. What other sites are active now (Wilkes Barre, PA, BNI, Mayo, more?)
    1. What procedures are they doing
    2. How many have they done
    3. Have they run into any problems yet
    4. What should we avoid to not make the same mistakes
    5. How can we help?

Questions from Chris

  1. What are some example procedures in AMIGO that require the patient to be transported between the OR and the PET/CT?

Confirmed Attendees

  1. Clare Tempany (PI, Prostate)
  2. Tina Kapur (IGT, Neurosurgery)
  3. Dan Kacher (IGT, Infrastructure, Neurosurgery)
  4. Paul Morrison (IGT, Ablation)
  5. Stuart Silverman MD (PI, Ablation)~~
  6. Victor Gerbaudo PhD (Director, PET/CT)~~
  7. Noby Hata (IGT, Prostate)
  8. Gary Zientara (Imaging Physics)
  9. Jim Philip, MD (Anesthesia)
  10. Ramon Martin, MD, PhD (Anesthesia)
  11. Chris Unger, GE
  12. John Pantano, GE

~~ Working around a clinical schedule will be coordinated to open a time that day and have them come in together