2007 Sept 11 Greg Fischer Visit/Lecture from Johns Hopkins

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On Tuesday Sept 11, Greg Fischer (Website: [1])visited BWH in the Sack Conference Room to speak on his work in the field of MRI compatible robotics for prostate and neurosurgical applications.

Abstract: MRI proves to be an essential tool for high resolution anatomical imaging and for treatment planning. However, its use as an interventional tool thus far have been very limited due to technical, financial, logistical, and other challenges. It seems clear that MRI has great potential for use for guiding interventional procedures, and that is what has driven my research work. I have developed systems ranging the spectrum of MR-guidance. On one end are simple devices that provide additional information to the clinician and have direct, immediate clinical utility; this includes the Image Overlay system that projects static 2D targeting anatomical images on the patient along with overlaid needle guides. This system has been thoroughly evaluated on cadavers for use in MR Joint Arthrography and Spinal Insertions. On the other end of the spectrum are fully automated robotic devices. In collaboration with SPL, I have been developing an MR-compatible needle placement robot for prostate brachytherapy and biopsy. This system is pneumatically actuated and fully evaluated for MR-compatibility and safety; SNR losses during operation are less that 5% under standard prostate imaging protocols. The robot is beginning initial accuracy studies and phantoms. This talk will discuss my work with the development and evaluation of these technologies.