2007 May John Frangioni Collaboration Visit

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Monday, May 7, 10am-noon.

Location: Hollenberg.

Speaker Background:

John Frangioni will visit us during AMIGO and U41 meetings to discuss a future collaboration on near-infrared fluorescence imaging.


Goal: This is an informal meeting to kickoff a collaboration with Dr. Frangioni and the U41.

Key BWH Attendees: Ferenc, Noby, Nicu, Ron. (All others who are interested are welcome.)

Rough Agenda:

10-10:30am: JF introduce his work to the group and talk about potential areas for a collaboration with BWH to be useful.

10:30-11am: Ferenc and our investigators add to potential collaboration ideas

11-11:30am: Identify key people/action items for followup

11:30am-noon: continue or adjourn, as needed.


  • Attendees: Ferenc, Clare, Alex, Nicu, Noby, Paul, Kim, Tina, Ron, Harry.
  • Yolonda Colson at BWH is the contact person for JF's research. She has an IRB approved protocol in lung cancer, and all collaboration wil be through her.
  • Collaboration ideas: main theme should be the integration of the JF system with other modalities
    • W/ Kirby: Laproscopic procedures. For example, being able to see the common bile duct (as JF showed in slides) in Kirby's procedures would be great.
    • W/ Yolonda: Lung Cancer: adding navigation/tracking to cases performed in Yolonda IRB
    • W/ Alex Golby: Visualizing tumor margins, perhaps in conjunction with microscope
  • Notes from JF:
    • adding second camera to system is non-trivial engineering
    • IDE application is currently the highest priority and need to focus on that for the next 4-5 months
    • re. GBM (neurosurgery): if GBM take up methylene blue and it passes through BBB, this would be worth a try.