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IV. Appendix A: Trainees and Visitors

Summary (March 13, 2016): The NCIGT has trained 285 postdoctoral fellows and Students since its inception. These Trainees are a mainstay of the NCIGT program and are mentored by their NCIGT supervisors through regular meetings, Research discussions, and opportunities for participation in scientific conferences and training courses. 49 of these have been directly funded by the grant and 236 have been trained by NCIGT funded investigators while receiving their own funding through complementary sources including, notably, an R25 IGT Training grant. NCIGT and AMIGO have also hosted 2032 visitors since since inception.

Year 11: In the last year, NCIGT investigators trained 37 Trainees, 4 of which were funded by the center and 33 by other sources. In this same time period, we hosted 133 visitors to AMIGO.

P41-Funded Research Fellows and Graduate Students

This is a list of Trainees partially supported by NCIGT since its inception in 2005. Guide to year numbers: Y12 (Aug 1 2016-July 31 2017); Y11 (Aug 1 2015-July 31 2016) ...

Please see the complete list of our trainees here.

Old List up to Y11